Protest at the Temple Beth El in Riverside


At 7:00 pm on Friday, December 18, 2009 the NSM Inland Empire Unit in Riverside protested against the lies and hatred spewed by Rabbi Singer and the Temple Beth El. Rabbi Singer and the Temple Beth El helped organize the counter protests against us where their members acted as vicious and violent animals. Their members also have promoted the violent actions of open border hispanic groups. As the Temple prepaired for services and a menorah lighting nine NSM members arrived and were greeted by a vile old man threatening our lives. This peace loving member of the Temple Beth El was full of tolerance as he stated that he was going to have us killed. As he took our pictures he claimed that he was going to send them to the JDL and have them kill us. He changed his death threat by saying he was going to send the pictures to the JDL and hoped that they would "get us" and he also wanted the pictures to know who was going to be buried. This psychotic member of the temple continued his threats however as he noticed the video equipment and flashes from our cameras he toned down his angry and threatening messages.


The proud members of the NSM protested on the sidewalks outside of the temple for their entire service while receiving the usual positive and negative responses we had seen the previous two protests at the largest Jewish temple in Riverside. Just before the services concluded four supporters arrived and joined us in our protest. Now with thirteen of us we continued our protest well after the Temple had closed and its members had scurried off. We had discussed making this our last protest at the temple depending on the temples response and future actions however in light of the death threats we received from one of Rabbi Singers underlings we are now going to plan a larger protest. The date and time of the protest will be announced on open online forums after the new year. With many new racially aware Whites contacting us in support of our actions against the temple and many new recruits joining our ranks we are pleased to see residents of Riverside and the Inland Empire supporting us.

The L.A. Times story on the temple protest,0,7245622.story

On Saturday, December 19, 2009 the members of NSM San Diego and Inland Empire Units joined together for a short meeting and a long Yule celebration. NSM members in Southern California that have not left town for the holidays enjoyed a Yule Log celebration with a feast. Traditional foods and treats were served along with a barbeque meal. The Yule log burned on into the night as we enjoyed the company of great friends and good food. I would like to thank everyone that attended. A special thanks to everyone that brought food and helped with the barbeque. As we now relax and settle in for the holidays we send our best holiday wishes to all NSM members and supporters around the world.

Sgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director


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