A weekend in the Southwest


A week after the America First Rally in Arizona the NSM in the Southwest keeps the boots marching with three events in a single weekend.

Friday night (11/13/09) the NSM Inland Empire Unit in California hit the sidewalks outside the Temple Beth El in Riverside to protest the violence promoted by Rabbi Singer and the interviews she gave to the local newspaper. With signs and flags we marched in defiance of Jewish hatred from thirty minutes before the service to greet the local Jews and continued until the last of them had scurried off after their service. This was our second protest at the largest Temple in Riverside. The Rabbi and her underlings do not understand our Constitutional Right to protest on a city sidewalk. This protest produced a few familiar sites. Again, we had a group of students from the high school located across the street that gathered to watch us. We had many vehicles pass us again on the busy street. Some motorists were supportive and others yelled vulgarities. Although there were some similarities, this protest was not a mirror image of the previous one.

This protest angered the parishioners of the neighboring "African-American" church. Some of the peaceful "men of God" decided to walk out to the sidewalk for a better look. They had wispered their ideas and strategies of attack between each other however did not act on any of their bright ideas. When the Jewish Temple closed their doors the real fun began. The Jews did not want to pass by us. They chose to drive into the neighboring parking lot through a narrow opening. There was alot of congestion as they jockeyed for position racing from the site of proud White National Socialists! Some Jews grinded their gears looking for reverse when they found us on the sidewalk near their exit. It was a symphony of honking horns and grinding gears.


On Saturday (11/14/09) members and supporters from the Arizona unit made a reappearance at their State Capital for another protest against illegal immigration. When a group lead by Anna Gaines tried foolishly to attempt to imitate our successful protest they found themselves in a curious position. Three weeks earlier in California a "hispanic" woman exercised her First Amendment Right as the proud White NSM members defended her right to stand on a public sidewalk and speak out against illegal immigration. Altough a few weeks earlier Anna Gaines was receptive of a NSM member her group quickly turned their backs on the First Amendment and Whites who had three weeks earlier defended Anna Gaines racial sister. With consensus from El Reina Gaines and her posse a very angry, hostile, and anti-free speech antagonist attacked NSM members and attempted to destroy personal property. JT defended himself and the group by pushing back sending the antagonist flying fifteen feet back where the man made a safe landing on his butt. In a response JT said,"I will continue to exercise maximum Constitutional rights for as long as that document still maintains validity. Those who violently oppose me and my men will be met with more violence than they expect through rightful self-defense. If or when this Republic no longer respects the rule of law and Constitutional rights, I will continue to advocate for the freedoms of expression, assembly, freedom of the press, free-speech, armed self-defense, national and cultural determination, and for cultural preservation."

The fact that this Tea Party group does not have the same respect for Americans First Amendment Rights and coupled with the obvious fact that their protest was small in comparison to our event just a week previous further proves that the NSM is leading the way in the fight against illegal immigration and the Mexican invasion. The Southwest will continue to flex its muscle as the proud members of the NSM hit the streets.

The Saturday (11/14/09) after the protest at the Jewish Temple members of the Inland Empire and San Diego Units in California took their fight against the Mexican invasion to the front lines once again. We were proud to have SS Lt. Boswell join us in our patrols as we faced cold temperatures and howling winds. The border has become a second home for many of us in California and it is nothing new to the SS Lieutenant. Listening quietly at a LP (listening post) and using night vision to scan our surroundings were pleasant breaks from grueling marches in the rough desert terrain. However we do not seek breaks or take the easy route when protecting our race and nation. The sleepless nights and desert hikes only harden us. We will not be broken. We know that as our brothers and sisters in the NSM around the nation face opposition at their protests against the invasion this is our chance to be the opposition to the groups and individuals that are attempting to invade our homeland. We will not back down or give up. We know what we do is dangerous and is definitely not easy however nothing in life worth having or doing comes easy. Secure borders are worth having and protecting our race and nation is something we must all do. Anything worth having is worth working and even fighting for.

We had an adventurous tour with much activity to keep us busy. I must thank SS Lt. Boswell who served the NSM at the border for over seventy two hours with only an hour of sleep in the dirt with powerful cold winds cutting through him. Thanks to all the unsung heroes who have made our trips possible. For every soldier on the frontlines of our border trips and protests there are many donating and/or working hard behind closed doors. In National Socialism and our struggle everyone has a role to fill. A very special heartfelt thanks to everyone who has joined me and/or my unit at the border. To any person looking to cross our border illegally; I will see you on the frontlines.

Sgt. Jeff Hall


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