- After Action Report -


On February 6, 2010 twenty-one members of the NSM protested ACORNS voter registration fraud, embezzlement of tax payers money, and willingness to participate in aiding a child prostitution ring. Just before 12:00 PM the proud members of the NSM marched down the sidewalks of Chula Vista into National City to demonstrate outside the infamous San Diego ACORN office known for helping illegal aliens. Our dedicated comrades enjoyed comradery in rain that poored down heavy at times. One confused and disturbing individual tried to debate the Swastika and National Socialism with JT however quickly found himself in a losing battle with nothing to say in rebuttal to JT`s honest and factual views on the issues and the commies beliefs. The individual left speechless after only a minute of debating. The handful of gawkers that had originally collected to watch the police activity, and see why the roads had been closed at a major intersection, quickly dispersed every time the rain increased. There was never a consistant group of onlookers or gawkers and the majority of the protest we were completely unopposed! The confused individual that JT had earlier slammed in a debate did return with a bullhorn however was only able to resort to name-calling. His contradictions in his own rants were a source of entertainment for us all and JT and others had fun arguing and mocking the crazed commie.

ACORN made a statement that their offices were closed Saturdays however we were able to make contact with the San Diego ACORN office on previous Saturdays and believe that the entire office building which ACORN rents an office space from was closed for the entire day due to our protest. Either way we sent a clear message to ACORN that we do not want THEIR reform or corruption. We do not want their employees embezzling our tax dollars. We do not want their voter registration fraud. We want fair elections and accountability. We want ACORN gone! And what ACORN needs to take note of is the fact that we have NSM Units in almost every state that they have offices.

February 6th, 2010 will be known as the day the NSM marched on the sidewalks of Chula Vista and National City virtually unopposed! Despite the poor weather conditions our members were in high spirits and continued protesting for a good time more than the schedule time of 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

We would like to thank the cities of National City and Chula Vista and especially the police officers for their professionalism.




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