California After-Action Report 10-24-09


Brown Berets Suffer Humiliating Defeat At The Hands of NSM

At 10:00am we arrived at our designated parking in our Chevrolets and Fords. After a quick talk with the Riverside police twenty members and supporters of the NSM Inland Empire Unit accompanied by some members from our NorCAl and Arizona Units, hit the streets of Riverside, California and protested illegal day labor sites and illegal immigration at a corner where Mexican citizens loiter to solicit their services. The Mexican citizens that stand at this street corner have a long history of breaking into cars,  violent actions, and drug abuse. This is in a hispanic neighborhood where streets are dominated by the local gangs. Immediately the communist Brown Berets (an L.A. based group) rocked and pushed down the police barricade. We held our ground in a physical confrontation of mostly pushing before the situation exploded with the Brown Berets punching and running into our lines. They received an humiliating defeat when they attempted to drive us off. To be quite honest, they had their butts handed to them on a platter when our members and supporters fought to protect themselves and stand our ground. The majority of Brown Berets either retreated or were chased back to their lines behind the barricade. The handfull of commies that remained were tossed like rag dolls and/or took a beating at the hands of our members as we defended ourselves. Commies fell to the ground covering their heads and some found themselves alone surrounded by NSM members ready to push them back to their fellow instigators. Riot police quickly grabbed them and the other remaining Brown Berets behind our line (all who had eaten dirt and a face full of fists) and escorted them back behind a police line that had quickly formed after the violence erupted. In less than a minute from the time the Brown Berets began their attack we had defeated them and the confrontation was over. The police line also served as a barrier keeping the commies from receiving any reinforcment. The Brown Berets behind the barricade and police line could only look on as their "compadres" ate dirt and received painful blows. The fight was clearly one-sided and none of us bothered inquiring into the welfare of each other. Our victory was well documented by the local newspaper.

More pictures from the local newspaper: slideshow/2009/20091025_nazi/ pages/06NAZI25mzg.html

It is important to note that some pictures that appeared in print are not available on the link provided.

One arrest was made after the incident. The Brown Berets leader was arrested for attempting to incite a riot. The riot police pushed back the commies to the opposite sidewalk and we returned to our chants. At around 11:00am we were joined by eight Riverside residents that were able to join us when they worked their way through the counter protesters. A few of our members and other supporters were unable to work their way around the police lines. With now close to thirty proud Whites side by side we chanted and proudly displayed our flags that the Brown Berets failed to take during their "attack". A hispanic woman joined us in our protest against illegal immigration. She gave interviews in Spanish to the media from Mexico and America that broadcasts their programs in Spanish. She spoke out against illegal immigration and the violence on our streets at the hands of illegals. The hispanic TV reporter from CBS2/KCAL9 L.A. was furious with her and our successful protest and when the hispanic woman attempted to show him a paper from La Raza that promoted hatred toward Whites he grabbed the paper from her and threw it at her face.

The supporters that had joined us left after an hour of protesting and our original twenty members held our ground and continued our chants. The communists then tried to drive us off by throwing rocks, water bottles and limes. One of our comrades was hit in the head by a large rock hurled from about thirty yards away. He stood strong by our ranks and did not back down. JT from Arizona applied a band aid and we continued to face our opposition as they continued to throw rocks at us. The riot police positioned and prepared to make arrests and the Brown Berets held hands and formed a human shield around the counter protesters throwing rocks. The Brown Berets were defeated again when the police sliced through them like a knife through butter and made an arrest. After the arrest limes and rocks were thrown at the police as well as us. The rocks began raining down on us in greater numbers. We were able to deflect them with our hands.

At the peak of the communists counter demonstration approximately three hundred and fifty to four hundred hispanic gang members, homosexuals and transvestites, Jews, and misguided college kids screamed while beating five gallon plastic buckets strapped around their waists with tape. The vast majority of them came from the L.A. area and surrounding counties and they fell far short of the six hundred counter protesters they had promised. At the peak of our pro-American rally we probably had more Riverside residents in attendance than our opposition.

We stood our ground for three hours and sent the message that we will not stand idly by while our streets are overwhelmed by Mexican citizens loitering, using drugs, and attacking American citizens. We also sent a clear message that we will stand our ground and never back down or surrender to our opposition. At the end of our rally we formed a line and exited just as orderly as when we had arrived. With the victory over the Brown Berets under our belt we look forward to the Arizona rally with great anticipation.

After our rally against illegal immigration we made a toast to our victory and enjoyed Kens barbequing expertise as we listened to our guest speaker who is an expert in finances and explained our current economic problems and issues concerning home loans. The communists angered by their defeat stayed and attempted to riot. Accourding to our intel from supporters that remained the police used force to keep the peace and eventually the streets were cleared.

I would like to thank the members of the Arizona and Norcal Units that stood beside us. I would especially like to thank the residents of Riverside that came out to support us. I had also received many membership inquiries and supportive emails from individuals in Riverside and surrounding counties the evening after the event. Whites in Riverside are obviously ready for a change and hungry for leadership and a driving force. I believe the NSM can provide what they desire.

Cpl. Jeff Hall


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