Morning Patrol: Dead Body Recovered...

- After Action Report -

08 / 2010

Registered Supporter Thora and I conducted a two person rolling patrol in the desert south of Interstate 8 bright and early this morning. Normally, we don't encounter much illegal alien traffic early in the day. More often than not, we don't find anything. Today was just a little different.

Shortly before 9:00AM we came across a dead body in a wash. It appeared to be a Hispanic female and had been there long enough to make a stain on the soil. She was really ripe too. The area was littered with water bottles, clothing and backpacks. It appears that she had a few traveling companions and they left her for the vultures to pick clean.

After snapping a few photographs, we immediately notified the Pinal County Sheriff's Office of our find. We met a deputy out along the main road and guided him to the scene. The deputy we spoke with five minutes before our discovery also returned. He was following our tracks. We told him if we saw anything, we'd let him know.

I escorted the deputy to the body and soon found myself handing over my ID and providing my telephone number and other personal information. Fortunately, “my papers” were in order. When asked, what I was doing out there, I stated that I was on a “desert patrol” and a member of the National Socialist Movement. That didn't get much of a reaction from the deputy.

I said something else that did raise his eye brows, but am not at liberty to divulge this information as it pertains to our method of operation. If you want to know, you have to come out on patrol with me. I didn't just randomly stumbled on this corpse.

Immigrant Deaths In Arizona Desert Soaring In July immigrants.immigrant.arizona.2.1809630.html

This should be a message for Mexicans to stay on their side of the border. The person we found this morning, learned this lesson the hard way.

“I am told that Mexico is a terrible place, but there's nothing in the United States worth dying of thirst out in the desert for.”
Harry L. Hughes III





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