Save the Stars and Bars Rally in South Carolina

- After Action Report -

July, 2015

- Photo Gallery -

Columbia, SC State Capital - At 1500 hrs. on Saturday July 18, 2015, members of The National Socialist Movement, The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Patriots and Supporters of the Stars and Bars converged on the State Capital in South Carolina. This Rally was in protest to the gutless action taken by Governor Nikki Haley, and Lawmakers of South Carolina to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the State Capital grounds. More than 110 Men, Woman and Children braved the 100 plus degree temperatures to get their point across.

Comrades came from as far away as Orange County, California to participate in the Rally. Speeches were to be given by Commander Jeff Schoep, LWK Imperial Officer James Moore, Art Jones, and others but the Capital Official’s decided to pull the plug and not to give use of access to the electric. We were told this decision came from the Governor and was truly a violation of our First Amendment Right. The Rally went forward with Confederate Battle Flags filling the air at the State Capital. This was an amazing site to see. There were violent confrontations between us, and the unruly Communist, Liberal, Obama supporting scum. Even though we were out numbered 4 to 1 we defended ourselves and held our ground.

Later that evening an After Party and Cross Lighting was held on private property. There was plenty of food and comradery for all that attended the event. The evening was attended by 80 Comrades and showed Solidarity between the Groups. A Cross Lighting capped off the day’s event in which all participated.

Captain Butch Urban
NSM Chief of Staff




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