Florida Meet and Greet Feb. 28, 2009

- Event report -

What a great time by all that attended. I had left home at 5:00 am and drove for 2 ½ hours to the highlands state park. Upon arriving I found two other NSM members their. They arrived about ½ hour before me and the park was still closed. The park would not let anyone in until 8:00 am sharp. The park is huge it is full of trees, scrub palms and wild animals. At the site of our meet there is an ice cream shop and a museum. The shelter we got was lucky # 13. We started unpacking the cars and carried 176 hot dogs and hot dog buns, 80 hamburgers and hamburger buns.

At around 9:00 am the people started to show up. The weather was a warm 82 degrees. With a mild wind. We had a guest speaker Michael Mcqueeney show up from Wisconsin. He had enough stories for 20 meet and greets. At one point we had called the Commander and did the Heil Commander Schoep and did the White Power salute. The grille had a hard time starting but soon enough the food rolled off. We had a picture taking.

Near the end of the day the park ranger came over. He stated that somebody complained about the NSM Party Flag. He asked if we could take it down. The ranger also asked us not to leaflet in the park. We told him the info was for our party only but if he wants some he's more than welcome. He started to laugh and said Tallahassee would frown on it. Other than that we had a great time. The party ended with new friends, old friends and a salute. Below are some of the pics. I would like to thank Terri and Daniel for all their help. With out their support this could not have happened.

P.S. Florida NSM is here to stay.

Tom Lokay

florida.tampabay (at) nsm88.org


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