NSM Iowa: After Action Report

- NSM Iowa vs. homosexual marriage -


Members of the National Socialist Movement gathered together at the steps of the Pottwattamie County Courthouse to protest the legalization of gay marriage in the State of Iowa. NSM members protested for several hours, and were pleased that many of the people who came to the Courthouse that day stood on our side, and held signs reading "Homosexuality is Genocide to the Human Race" and "Thank God for AIDS" to lend their otherwise unheard voices to the masses. Iowans were NOT given the opportunity to vote on this travesty, and we intend to have the law repealed. While our farmers were out tilling feilds to feed the nation, and citizens were working to support their families, the Iowa Supreme Court passed this law under the rug beneath us. The NSM feels it is our duty to repeal this new law as soon as possible, not quietly sit by while the right to democracy is infringed upon! Iowans are now demanding their right to vote, however, this law will not be able to be repealed until 2012! Happily, we succeded in our goal of the day, and many of the dirty homosexuals were reduced to tears with our presence on their " special day ." Our opposition to this abomination was made known, and we intend to be the driving force behind the repeal of this law within our State.

Ami Bostwick
NSM Womens Director



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