Stand in the South: Knoxville

- After Action Report -

On August 14th, 2010 the National Socialist Movement and Patriots from other groups staged a successful March and rally in Knoxville, TN. Approximately 100 men and women participated from our side, those who marched along with us, plus another group of supporters who met us at the Knoxville Courthouse where the rally was held. It was reported to us later that a number of other supporters from different groups were turned away by the Police after the main group of us had entered the Rally area. We met a few more supporters on the march back to our vehicles, and heard a few more were sent into the anti-section to observe and gather information. Aside from the 100 that actively participated in the event, we have not been able to determine just yet how many more supporters were kept out of this event. A lesson can be learned from this, if you are a White Patriot and plan to attend one of our events, contact us in advance, meet local organizers, and most importantly do not ever show up late for any reason. With that said, the turnout was excellent, and we accomplished exactly what we had intended to do. The PA system was set up between 2 Historical Cannons, which was fitting considering the defensive stance we have taken to defend the borders of the United States from illegal aliens and their criminal apologists who want to pass laws to grant illegals citizenship/amnesty.

The event began in part on the evening of Aug. 13th when the United TN. Knights sponsored a dinner meeting. The meeting was part meet and greet, part planning, and part awards ceremony filling tables from one end of the establishment to the other. We would like to thank our friends in the United TN. Knights for the hospitality, and sponsoring the dinner meeting. I would also like to personally thank the Klan Leadership for Honoring me with their highest service medal, and plaques that were given out to our TN. Leaders. The NSM also honored the United Knights Leadership with an award, and all in attendance had a good time.

When the march/rally was finished we returned back to our vehicles, and soon thereafter went to the after-event Party. The after-event was just outside of Knoxville on private land courtesy of a wonderful family who hosted the event on their beautiful land near the Smoky Mountain foothills. An evening meal was served which included a hog roast (or a pig pickin' as our Southern hosts from NSM TN. call it), along with hamburgers and much more. After dinner a number of NSM Probates were Patched out and welcomed to the NSM ranks. A few more announcements were made over the sound system, which also played some great music during the evening. Later in the evening after dark another highlight of the event, a Cross and a Swastika prepared earlier were raised up, set alight, and lit up the Southern skies!

The National Socialist Movement would like to thank all of NSM TN. and specifically the Leadership who worked tirelessly, including the Party members who came in from all over, the speakers at the event, all groups who sent representatives, the hosts of the meeting & after event, and all who assisted behind the scenes.

Commander Jeff Schoep / National Socialist Movement


Video & news report below from Knoxville newsmedia:
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