NSM Nevada confronting illegals and their supporters

- After Action Report -


NSM Nevada is at it again! On Saturday, April 10th, four members of the NSM Nevada Unit hit the streets to protest the illegal immigrants rally for Amnesty in downtown Vegas. Along with the help of crooked politicians, Harry Reid and Dina Titus, illegal aliens marched through our tax funded streets making demands of our politicians. These two corrupt and extreme leftists and their Jew conspirators continue to fight for illegals and ignore the interests and wishes of the American people and their own constituents.

With the praises from Harry Reid and Dina Titus the unruly mob would have been unopposed if it was not for the brave members of the NSM. Today the illegal aliens, open border advocates, and communists that mock our laws received a dose of what is soon to come; the rise of American patriots to demand the revival and restoration of law and order on national level.

At 1:30pm dedicated members of the NSM Nevada Unit marched from Bonneville and 3rd street to Las Vegas Blvd and Bridger where they found the Las Vegas strip closed for this un-American event. They were face to face with violent threats from Mexican citizens and communists who waved the red communist flag and Mexican flag. They were bombarded with racial slurs and chants that mocked all Whites and people who are proud of their European heritage and blood. Despite the anger and hatred from the degenerates the four members of the NSM Nevada Unit crossed the police barricades and marched into the crowd with an American flag and signs that denounced Amnesty and illegal immigration. Chants rang out for illegals to go home as our dedicated members were surrounded by Mexican citizens and communists shouting and waving their flags.

"USA, USA, USA..." Became the battle cry as our comrades faced off with violent La Raza types.  With courage and dedication to the fight Margaret from the Womans Division went off on her own to outflank a large group to face off with the most vile bunch. Although emotions ran high and the situation escalated into violence Margaret and all the members of the NSM stood their ground against the wild mob. The wildly aggressive and vile mob who claimed to be here simply for a better life showed their true cowardice when they resorted to childish name-calling and refused to participate in an honest debate.

The Jewish media, true to form, did their job by filming the events described and conducting interviews with our members only for the majority of the media to deny that there was any resistance or protesting at this rally for Amnesty. According to the local news it was a peaceful rally that was unopposed. The police, true to form, did their job and threatened our comrades with arrest for disturbing the peace although it was our members that received death threats. Harry Reid, true to form, did not do his job. Instead of representing the American people he stood with the illegals.

The protest is considered a success as we had a chance to discuss our political ideology and the movement with Whites that watched the spectacle from outside the police barricades and we stood in opposition to the illegals that marched down our streets making demands from our politicians.

Until our final victory,
Josh D./ NSM Nevada

April 10th, 2010
Protest of Amnesty/Illegal Immigration




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