The NSM March through Downtown Las Vegas

- After Action Report -

- More Pictures/Photo's coming soon -

On June 5th 2010 the NSM began what was to be a protest of the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas. We assembled 50 members and supporters who gathered as part of our Reclaim the Southwest Campaign, which is our ongoing offensive against the forces of tyranny who seek to destroy America by granting illegal immigrants citizenship, promoting amnesty, and other wretched plans that have driven our Nation to the brink of destruction with the loss of American jobs and a weakened economy.

What began as a protest quickly turned into a march in the scorching Nevada heat (which was well over 100 degrees on June 5th). Starting at the Consulate we formed up the ranks in columns and went directly to Freemont street with the intention of leaving the sidewalks and entering the World renowned Freemont street public walkway. Police on horse's blocked off our route and stated that they would not interfere with our March, however they claimed that the Freemont street entrance was private property and that we could not advance through it. Alternatively, the march went on around Freemont street and on to the even busier Las Vegas strip. There was virtually no opposition to the NSM March through downtown Las Vegas, many citizens and tourists were taking pictures and watched the formation, and a few suspected illegal aliens yelled out profanities, however there was absolutely no organized anarchists, communists, homosexuals, or other degenerates in opposition to the NSM in Las Vegas. The event was a success, and proof once again that the NSM is willing to take to the streets any time and anywhere in defense of American values and restoring our Nation.

The Rally ended as it began at the Mexican Consulate near downtown.

The action did not end with the rally, later that night several NSM members went back to the Las Vegas strip to continue making friends and spreading the news of our efforts. What ensued could be titled the Brawl at the Bellagio! A small group of NSM members legally defended themselves and put the antis on the run again. The antis learned the hard way, if you attack the NSM it will not turn out well for you. A second after action report and video's from the brawl will be released soon.

On behalf of the Party and myself I would like to thank all the members, and supporters that participated in the Las Vegas event. It was an honor for me to attend the march with you all. Hail Victory! Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement.

Below is our first video from the event, more video's, pictures, etc. are forthcoming.

Newspaper Report from the March from Vegas newspaper: white-supremacist-group- marches-in-downtown-lv- 95716794.html?ref=794



Las Vegas Report #2

On June 5th, 2010 the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas was the subject of scrutiny as 45 members of the National Socialist Movement along with half a dozen supporters raised their flags and protested the Mexican government and illegal immigration. The NSM demanded that Mexico care for their citizens and stop expecting American tax-payers to foot the bill for the increasing numbers of illegal aliens pouring through our open borders. As more innocent blood on both sides of the border stains the hands of Mexican officials the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, insulted America and criticized our 2nd Amendment rights in a recent visit to our nation. In light of the dignitary as well as other Mexican officials blaming both American politics and American citizens for their country`s despair the National Socialist Movement took a stand as patriotic Americans to demand that Mexico look inward with constraint to own the burden of their nations misfortune and grievances. In the NSM`s Rally for Responsibility the members of the NSM demanded that Mexico take responsibility for the drug trafficking, drug wars, human smuggling, innocent deaths, kidnapping, and ruthless violence that plagues border towns. They demanded that Mexico take shared responsibility for open borders. They demanded that Mexican officials take the responsibility for fostering a corrupt government that drives it`s citizens out of their own homeland to escape from the hardships and despair of their own nation that they physically see the bureaucrats harboring. The National Socialist Movement proudly stood in defiance of the tyranny of both American and Mexican governments and the injustice and irresponsibility of the Mexican Government.

The march and Rally for Responsibility commenced a few blocks West of the Mexican Consulate as the sun beat down on the desert streets. Two by two the NSM marched up to the Mexican Consulate and then to Fremont Street in front of the Fremont Street experience. The NSM circled the Mexican Consulate, and Fremont St. marching on Carson Avenue, Las Vegas Boulevard, and Ogden Avenue. Many locals and tourists watched on with amazement as the NSM and American flags flew high and the members and supporters of the NSM were undeterred by the 106 degree heat. The march then circled back to the Mexican Consulate and NSM leadership answered questions from the media before marching back a couple blocks to their parking.

Later that evening 3 members of the NSM continued the activism by flying their flags outside the Bellagio Hotel with photographers in-tow. They were attacked by deranged and beastly people who have nothing but contempt for freedom of speech. Even the photographers were targeted in the disgraceful and wretched aggression. The onslaught was clearly calculated out of anger. Reinforcements from the NSM arrived as the situation escalated. The valiant comrades defended themselves and the photographers from the repulsive crowd that chose violence as an attempt to silence the voices of the NSM members. The attacks proved pointless when the NSM held their ground and the cowardly thugs walked off after brief encounters of violence or shouting and name calling. There were no injuries sustained by NSM members or the photographers.

The new growth of members and supporters in the region guarantee Las Vegas will see future rallies. the obnoxious behavior of the enemies of the White race have only strengthened the will of the local Nevada Unit. The Reclaim the Southwest Campaign continues.

?? MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director







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