Las Vegas After Dark

- After Action Report -

Things heat up on the Strip in Vegas when National Socialists took their message to the public. After a successful Rally earlier in the day in front of the Las Vegas area Mexican Consulate, a few members of the National Socialist Movement went to the lively Strip area of Las Vegas primarily in the vicinity of the Bellagio Hotel water show lake. Things really get lively after dark in Vegas. Both legal and illegal. After parking a black sedan with the personalized tags "NSM USA" in a secured VIP spot, three members of the NSM and several reporters descended upon the Strip with NSM and NS flags in hand. Our Party quickly became of great interest to hundreds of people that night. One white male with an iron cross tattoo had his girlfriend run back to their vehicle so that they could have their picture taken with the National Socialists. Many other white patrons of the area give straight arm salutes at the sight of the interesting trio. Captain Wilson, a mountain of a man with the NSM, dons a black combat kevlar helmet both for effect and for safety purposes. The well-known National Socialist J.T. Ready has bloused black BDU trousers, combat boots, and an NSM logoed t-shirt. A third comrade (Mario) is wearing civilian attire while carrying the NSM flag on a pole. Flashes of cameras appear to create an electronic lighting storm as the scene progressed down the strip.

In typical Las Vegas fashion, other colorful characters were encountered along the way. Two Elvis impersonators, "Captain Jack", Borat, Batman, and others in outfits clamored to have their photographs taken with these modern day Nationalsocialists. A busload of tourists gawk at the scene. Several mothers ask for the group to pose for photos and videos to send home to their families. Emotions run high as partiers approach the NSM crew. A few gangbanger types characters make idle threats. However, many black patrons in the area are quickly disarmed with facts after J.T. Ready establishes dialogue with them explaining that we are a White Civil Rights group with no violence planned for the civilians in the area. In fact, many received a deep education regarding the Jewish involvement of the slave trade as well as the Irish slave situation in suppressed American history. Amazingly, quite a few agitated blacks are instantly converted by J.T.'s words and stand in solidarity offering Black Power fists alongside the Nationalsocialist saluting storm troopers. This did not bode well with one militant black instigator.

A half-pint sized black male rushes down the Strip falsely accusing the NSM members of shouting "Kill all the niggers!" He approaches every large group of blacks and mexicans he can find. Most of whom initially take the bait, but are once again subdued by the truthful message of J.T. Ready once the animosity is discussed. Nevertheless, the evening is not without violence. A group of violent gangbanger looking mexicans and blacks quickly descend upon the trio with insults, threats and epithets. A Jew brings a group who immediately began adding fuel to the fire. The main Jew attempts to spit phlegm upon J.T. and the other members of the party when he is dealt with face to face by Mr. Ready. He is advised that hacking phlegm upon someone is considered assault and that if his spit lands on the party then the members would be authorized to assault him back in self-defense. He immediately decides he does not wish to engage the National Socialists in such a manner. Meanwhile, the mexicans and blacks decide to attempt battery upon the NSM members. The anti-White racial verbal abuse continues while J.T. Ready is sucker punched in the face and head repeatedly. Captain Wilson is engaged by a throng of mexicans who attempt to hold him down while another mexican takes full on swings into his face and head. The third member of the party is likewise engaged. A flag pole snaps and one of the NS flags is thrown by this criminal gang into the Bellagio pool area. Kicks and punches fly. Amazingly, the vastly outnumbered NSM not only fight back, they hold their own. Eventually, they even begin to push back the aggressors. The vicious attack is routed for the time being.


Round Two:

Out of breath, and bruised, with broken finger bones in some cases, the NSM regains their footing and prepares for the next round against them. This time, they form a wedge formation and put their guard up, fully prepared todefend ourselves once again. Several of the non-white gangbangers take flight when they hear sirens from traffic cops working the area. Several others take to foot when they realize that these men are not going down so easily without a serious fight. Reinforcements are promptly called. Local NSM members and several California NSM members rush to the area after a fast drive. The NSM numbers jump to nearly twenty members and supporters! This time the NSM flag is carried like a banner by two beautiful White women with a security throng of NSM troops in tow. The ladies of the NSM were as eager to defend their Civil Rights as much as the men. Although, a female jewess made several lame attempts to tear the flag from the NSM women, she quickly learned that such a feat was not possible. A police officer ordered the members to contact hotel security to retrieve the NS flag by engineer boat from the lake. Soon, a cordon of police and security were involved. A young skinhead from California was actually allowed to swim underwater to retrieve the Swastika after the attempts by maintenance were unsuccessful. He was proudly rewarded with the task of defending the symbol of honor after he rescued the item.


Follow up:

An Asian and several other non-white tourists stepped up to offer themselves a s a witnesses that the NSM member's civil rights were clearly violated. This incident was documented on record as a "hate crime" committed against White Americans. A reporter was likewise assaulted and another threatened for simply covering the situation. One reporter who was attacked also became listed as a victim and had to kick the main black agitator who was then detained by security. Extra scrutiny was placed upon the NSM members as an extensive detainment and "weapon's search" was conducted for over an hour. No weapons were used or found on the NSM other than bruised knuckles and broken fingers. A camera was also damaged in this anti-White hate crime incident. The important part is that White Americans took a stand against Zionist tyranny and non-white aggression. This is a landmark case where all Whites can finally show that when our free speech rights, our rights to assemble, our rights of expression, and our civil rights are violated; we will exercise our inalienable right of self-defense.

Video footage:

Thank you for your solidarity in this matter which effects all of our liberties.

JT Ready/ NSM Arizona




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