Las Vegas march

- After Action Report -


On Saturday, March 20th, ten members of the NSM marched outside the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas Nevada. This was in support of a national White Pride Day and in response to Mexican Citizens marching through American streets and making demands for Amnesty and immigration reform. NSM members arrived outside the Mexican Consulate at noon and marched between 4th street and 3rd street on Lewis at the courthouse. There was very little resistance at the Mexican Consulate however our critics always make their presence known and they are always the most degenerate lot of people. A group of about 25 homosexuals and hispanic gang members collected outside the courthouse. The homosexuals engaged in vulgar public displays of affection and screamed vulgarities. The hispanic gang members shouted,"brown pride" and meaningless hollow threats. All the opposition to the patriotic NSM rally was shut down with positive chants and staunch National Socialist love for race and nation.

This display of patriotism lasted over two hours and a local news crew arrived and conducted interviews. This was the first rally organized by NSM Nevada however a second rally is already being planned. We will not stand idly by as Mexican citizens march through our streets making demands from our representatives.

ST. Josh D.




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