VA action report

On December 6 and 7, the National Socialist Movement sponsored the Mid Atlantic Leafletting Event. This event was a huge success and a direct result of the NSMWV State Unit Meeting and the Virginia Pro White Patriots event. We got flooded with volunteers from many groups, some to be recognized for their efforts and some who wish to remain unnamed. We had a reporter from the Washington Post along for this one and a Staff Photographer so we will get some mileage out of this one.

On Friday evening I met up with the Post people and met with another Comrade for dinner at a nice German restaurant in Portsmouth, Va. There we conducted a general interview discussing various issues we feel are important to the White Race and the direction our Nation will take in light of the events of Nov. 4th. They were pleasant company and a good time was had by all I think. Saturday morning we started at 6 A.M. by greeting a comrade that drove in from NC to pitch in for the day, then we went to several Comrades homes to gather up volunteers and drop off flyers for distribution. Once we had teams in place leafletting I picked up the Post people with me and they rode with me for the next 16 or so hours. We headed out across Portsmouth for an hour or two, moved over into Chesapeake doing a paper route approach until the rest of the world was more awake then we met up with some Comrades in Suffolk and headed out into traffic in another part of Chesapeake for the real fun, handing them out in traffic. We found busy intersections and began handing out leafletts to people stopping at the red light. We handed out maybe a hundred when I looked across the median to see Police speaking with our Comrades and the media. He took a flyer and read it, apparently said continue and left. We went right back to work and handed out a couple hundred more and packed up to move on.    

When we got to our trucks the Police pulled up again. This time they wanted to see I.D.'s and took them from everyone including the media. They ran our info. and we all came back squeaky clean. The reporter was standing right there so I was very happy that he got to see this himself as it goes a long way to validate that we are a 100% legal political entity.So we moved on and set up on several other corners and passed out more literature. The amount of positive feedback we got from people was encouraging, we only had one incident of a carload of Blacks yelling at Comrade Baber, but he handeled it like a true proffessional and went on about his buisness without incident. One man I gave a leaflet to we ran into in a restaurant when we stopped for lunch and agreed to speak with the media. I was happy to see he agreed with our platform and told the media as such. This random person off of the streets echoed many of our concerns about immigration, crime and the decline of Western Culture and heritage. Goes to show we are not the only ones that feel the way we do and he told me he had no idea there were groups like the NSM in the are that were standing tall on behalf of the White Race.

After lunch the teams split up again and went back to the newspaper route approach. I had a constant stream of calls coming in as Comrades from around the State checked in with progress reports all day. I had agreed to arrange for the Post people to speak with another Comrade so off we went towards Richmond to see another Comrade and spread more NSM literature. We met up and had a cup of coffee as the snow was starting to come down by then. Then we proceeded out and began putting out leaflets on the windshields of cars in a district that I know is quite mixed by race and attitudes. We passed out hundreds in short order before moving on the the outlying suburbs.

Reports began filtering in at this time from other groups involved in this operation. Alexandria White Pride  checked in and said they had been in traffic all day and had distributed hundreds of flyers in traffic. My thanks go out to you men and ladies who stood up that day on our behalf. Steve, Evan, Michelle  and Suzie all have my undying gratitude for your efforts and look forward to you guys coming into the NSM family. You guys rock! They were back at it on Sunday and had great success then as well.

Our brothers were out in the Richmond area and central Virginia and had successes out in their area of responsabilities and your help was most greatly appreciated as well. These guys are sharp  and we look forward to more joint ventures in the upcoming months. We have good relations with them  and they are looking like strong allies here in Virginia.

NSMWV was busy as well and was able to distribute thousands of flyers in several cities across the  state. Cprl. Taylor and Comrade McCune were on the frontlines and did a wonderful job up there and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts. McCune is a real trooper and is going to be one to  watch up in WV. You guys are going to make it happen in your state  and I am proud to work with you.  

Down in Tidewater Comrade Baber proved his mettle all weekend. Newcomer to the NSM, he jumped right  in and worked tirelessly all day and most of the night on Saturday. He personally distributed in the  thousands and gets a full salute for his efforts. He handled the media excellently and is a welcome  addition to the unit. We have been out since then and continue to spread the word here in Tidewater. 

Up in Richmond, worthy of note is Thomas " Skinhead of the Year". A lone wolf that attended the Nov. 15th event and volunteered to pitch in. We distributed about a thousand up near Richmond and he also handled the media very well. Thank you for your help and I consider you a brother in our struggle.

There were other Comrades involved in this op that have asked not to be mentioned for security reasons  and I respect their privacy but want to thank each and every one of you that participated. To my friend that came in from NC, I am aware of the sacrifice you made to be there and you have my respect and gratitude.

The final tally was well over 12,000 flyers out, many folk simply did not keep an accurate total and so we cannot say for certain. We will see how the Washington Post treats us and I also heard we got coverage from the local news affiliates here but have not seen them as of yet. One thing is certain, our people in the Mid Atlantic States made a strong statement and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you that participated and the Party salutes you.

Sgt. Culpepper



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