Rally in Michigan

- After Action Report -

July 31st, 2010

The rally today in Midland, MI. sponsored by Citizens Against Out of Control Government was a success, and it was an honor to have participated in it, alongside of our friends from the Citizens group, along with NSM members, SSAG, Klan, and Christian Identity supporters. The media previously stated this rally was what they called United in Hate, due to the cross section of different speakers and members of various White Patriot groups. The anti-racist section was as usual complete with a couple of low IQ hecklers, but most of the rest of their crowd listened during the speeches. The supporter section was nearly equal in numbers to the anti-section, therefore we opened the eyes and ears of many Americans on this day.

The rally began with a large PA system cranking out some excellent music by Saga, then rally host Randy Gray began his speech. Randy covered his history in the struggle and his life growing up in California, along with his legal battle vs. the Midland area Republican Party, and many other subjects. Mr. Gray certainly has a talent for speaking and his voice boomed across the City streets for all to hear.

Next up was Pastor Jim Wickstrom of Posse Comitatus fame, and perhaps the most talented Christian Identity speaker in the United States. I have heard Pastor Wickstrom's sermons before on tape, but never met him or heard him in person. Wow, that man can speak, just hearing his message alone was enough to light a fire under anyone and motivate them to positve activism! If you like fire and brimstone speeches he is simply one of the best, a true inspiration to one and all!

I spoke next and covered a variety of issues, specifically hammering on the illegal immigration issue, touching on zionist control of our Govn't, and focusing heavily on trying to inspire the supporters in the audience by speaking of great American accomplishments, and why actions are 100 times more important than words. I further explained about NSM actions along the Border, and other projects we take part in.

One more speaker was represented and covered the issue of the World Banks, and zionist control over them. His words were well versed and his knowledge of the subjects were supurb. Some of these subjects seemed to escape the audience a bit, but those who listened carefully came away all the wiser.

Overall the event was excellent with numerous segments of the White Patriot community in attendance on short notice. I would like to thank the NSM members that attended the event with us as well. You all are the best, of the best and I look forward to seeing you again on Aug. 14th in Knoxville, TN. where we expect a major turnout as we keep the momentum rolling forward.

Commander Jeff Schoep / NSM




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