NSM/MO-SPU After Action Report 3-21-09

At about 4 pm the Springfield Unit, along with several members of other units and supporters, arrived at the Battlefield and Glenstone intersection to demonstrate for WPWW Day. We wore WPWW and NSM Shield T-shirts with our black BDUs. We waived WPWW flags along with our Springfield flag and handed out flyers to people in the cars that passed by. We received a mixed response ranging from an elderly man saying "Thank you, thank you so much. God bless you." to a drunken race traitor shouting obscenities while turning the corner and literally hanging out of the open door of the car she was driving!. The positive responses far out numbered the negative however, and we counted our reception from the public to be predominantly warm. At around 5 pm we ended the demonstration due to a large mass of anti protestors gathering in the parking lot and the presence of children among our ranks.

Upon arrival back to the Springfield Unit leaders house we all enjoyed a home cooked meal and camaraderie. At around 7 pm we all gathered in full dress uniform for an Oath ceremony. Private Brad Keene read the Oath and Honor excerpt from Commander to stress the importance of the Oath and to explain that if you can not live up to it that you should not take it. The Oath is a very serious undertaking and should be treated as such. All scheduled to take the Oath chose to proceed and Corporal Cynthia Keene administered the Oath to 5 members of the Springfield Unit: SHD-B. Cantrell, SHD-F. Stevens, ST Henderson, WD-Henley, and VY-A. Glass.

After the ceremony everyone changed into their comfy clothes and we had a small celebration for Private Keene's birthday with refreshments and much camaraderie.

The day was very productive and I am very proud of my Unit and the others that came to be a part of the celebration. Thank you all for your help and support! I miss you all already... see you at Nationals! Sieg Heil!

--Corporal Cynthia Keene
Springfield Unit Leader/Prison Liaison



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