NSM Nationals, KY

- After Action Report-

April, 2012


This is just a preliminary After Action report to update the Party membership on how things went this weekend. Further after action reports will follow in the upcoming days along with pictures, video, and a double dvd set from the Meeting and Rally.

The April 2012 National Meeting and rally on Friday April 20th in Kentucky was one of our best ever, and a smashing success as expected. NSM Kentucky did an excellent job setting up the event, and we provided enough food to feed a small army both nights. This years speeches were excellent, new goals were set forth, and this years special announcement and news was unveiled at the meeting. The donation of of a building in the State of North Dakota by our Comrade Craig Cobb was unveiled and pictures of the property were passed around the hall to a roaring applause from our Folk. In addition to the acquisition of the property, we have job opportunities and living quarters available to NSM members in good standing in North Dakota. NSM TN. announced they are currently building a community in the Eastern part of TN. and have plenty of job opportunities available in their Region as well.

Saturday was the march and rally at the State Capitol Building in Frankfort. Nearly 100 NSM and Klan members formed up in solidarity for the rally. Our first sight near the capitol was a mob of homosexuals, anarchists, and other anti-White protesters, at the time we formed up their numbers were considerably less than ours, they had approximately 50 or 60 assorted degenerates, just beyond them we noticed a group of about a dozen white supporters holding a White Pride Worldwide flag who saluted as we proceeded towards the Capitol.

There is much more to report, and so many people who deserve to be singled out for their efforts in the NSM over the past years. You all know who you are, your Party salutes you! We would also like to thank and salute all of our friends in the Klan who assisted us in this effort. Activism and solidarity between different factions of the White Movement is a good thing to see and have participated in. These actions will continue, and more announcements will follow. Our vanpool just returned to Detroit, and I wanted to release a quick statement to let everyone know what has taken place and about some of the good things to come!

Here are some newslinks from this weekend: The first one is video:

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Hail Victory!


NSM Rally in Frankfort
Sergei Milankovic

Go sit in a deep freezer while someone sprays ice water on you with a garden hose.  You'll get the basic idea of the weather for the NSM Frankfort rally. We all got up early and I was disheartened to see the weather taking such an aweful turn.  Who would want to leave the house to go to the store on a day like that, much less go stand outside for a couple of hours?  I knew this was a stroke of bad luck that doomed political rallies all over the country from time to time, regardless of politics and support.  Regardless of what the civil rights pimps tell their followers, nobody can control the weather.  To myself, I thought, maybe 30 people will show up.  This is going to be bad.

Everybody still went through the ritual of collecting gear and making sure uniforms were in order.  Myself and a few others headed out to the meeting point for supporters.  Wary, we remembered how at one event the support meet-up became the scene of a another failed communist attack.  Maybe all the luck would be on their side today?  The closer we got, the more I hoped the communist attacked.  Though a non-violent organization, direct physical combat with the enemy is a welcome event in our lives.

One person waited in the parking lot of the closed and abandoned Home Depot.  He walked up and introduced himself, a Klansman.  Though glad to see at least one person braved the weather to come out, it was a disappointment. No commies to fight and one supporter to stand with us in the freezing rain.

"We've got more people on the way," he said as he stood there in jeans in a tee shirt (obviously a tough individual).

The rain danced around almost like snow on the breeze as another truck showed up.  Then another truck arrived and then two vans.  Before long, around 30 people had collected at the meet up point.  Everyone was in good spirits as the Klan began suiting up. Things had definately taken a turn for the better.  Around 1:30, we all headed out for the busses that would take us to the capitol building.  The only problem was, there were too many of us and two busses weren't going to fit everybody.  Apparently, there was a caravan of people who were running late too. Having too many people for an event is a problem you want to have.

We finally had no choice but to leave.  The missing caravan of 20 or so people ended up having to go into the crowd of around 50 spectators and protesters.  Happily, there were already supports in the spectator section, even carrying White Pride World Wide flags. Nice!

We formed up after disembarking and began to march on the capitol building. "Who's streets?" was the main chant as we marched.  The formation was great and would have got the nod from most any DI at Fort Stewart.  This is always impressive when it works out because normally a third or better at any rally or march has any military experience.

The protesters were a pitiful lot.  Most seemed to be the boiler plate rabid anti-white liberal along with the local Jewish Supremacists and their pets. The protesters were well outnumbered and of all the events I've been too, it was one of the smallest herds I'd ever seen.  I thought to myself as the sun shown through the clouds and the wind died down, maybe we're seeing them finally on the decline?  One of the points to any rally is to draw protesters and demonstrate to the public what the opposition sounds like and looks like.  This has always been one of the most effective means of gathering support.  The problem was that their small numbers would mean they were less brave and less likely to act out.  Instead, it was just a lot of hot air against whites, Jewish Supremacist dogma and profanities hurled in our direction.  But times are changing and people are becoming more and more familiar with the anti-white (also called anti-racist) cause.  They gather far less sympathy from the public than they did 4 years ago now that their true agenda is becoming more well known.  More people can identify Jewish Supremacy as well now and at bare minimum, most want to disassociate themselves with such an anti-white, supremacist set of view points.  At one time, the Jewish Supremacists would have been able to goad half of Frankfort to come out and stand with them against us.  Not anymore.  Can you say,
"never again"?

Obviously, one thing besides president Obama that has hurt the anti-white cause is the recent fiasco in the media which have led people to actually question their motives.  The failed Occupy-Movement showed the ineffectiveness of modern Marxist doctrine due to the fact that they were unable to name the Jew's role in the economic enslavement of America.  The events in Sanford Florida are one such recent episode.  This was involuntarily an underlining theme of the rally.  Though the neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, was not even nominally white, anti-white rage has been rampant against the American population. The rally in Frankfort was an example of that.

The speakers were excellent.  Regardless of who it was speaking, it was something new and interesting each and every time.  Sean McBride was the best one in my opinion.  His speech started out slow and even keeled, mostly talking about his experiences as a school teacher.  His speeches are frequently about his times as an educator, times he seems most proud of. Sean puts a value on knowledge above all else, I have gathered, and the best spent years of his life has been sharing what he knows with his fellow man. However, when a Jewish Supremacist in the crowd shouted a comment through a megaphone about America, Sean's mood changed.

"I fought for this country in Korea!  I have more a right to call myself an American than any of you!" he shouted back.  The old soldier in Captain
McBride came out.  I felt good to be standing near a symbol of the ongoing war between communism and the spirit of human will.

The Klan gave excellent speeches and we were glad they had come to join us. In all there were around 100 people standing with us on the capitol steps while we estimated that around half the people in the spectator section were our supporters.  We wrapped it up and headed back as the little crowd of protestors, sounding like a small town playground instead of an extra-legal tool of the anti-white police state, dispersed.

The after party's food was excellent!  There were lots of neat items for sale from NSM records as well as different individuals selling memorabilia and antiques.  I really like how people use the after parties as an opportunity to have a nationalist swap meet.  Some more talks were given, mostly on the subject of international projects as well as PLEs.  It was good to hear about the PLE projects.  We'd come from xeroxed fliers and zines to the ineternet to planting our roots solidly in the form of PLE micro-nations.  This evolution of the pro-white movement gives us a lot of hope in the face of the defeatists.

In all, the rally was much better than we expected, largely in part to the NSM Kentucy unit as well as the Loyal Knights of the KKK.  Thank you all for sharing the rays of sunshine, drying up the lies of the Evil Few and shedding light on the New Dark Ages.


National Socialist Movement Meeting & Rally, Frankfort, KY 2012

After an interesting and educational two day cross country Greyhound bus trip, I arrived in Frankfort, Kentucky on Friday, April 20, 2012,  to attend the annual national meeting of the National Socialist Movement, America's largest White Civil Rights organization. This is the third time I have had the honor and privilege of attending.

After unpacking, it was time to get down to business. We put on our uniforms and made our way to the meeting. (Arizona Unit members stepped up to the plate and assisted the Kentucky unit in the preparation of the banquet. The meeting and banquet were held at a beautiful clubhouse in a rural area. The Kentucky Units should be commended for their tremendous efforts in making this a very successful event.)
After a meal including pork, turkey and some amazing sausage and sauerkraut, we commenced with our speeches. (Subjects of discussion included the N.S.M.'s involvement in patrolling south Florida in the wake of the highly publicized and exploited Trayvon Martin shooting, our continued border operations in Arizona, the acquisition of a building in North Dakota and the N.S.M.'s solution to the imploding U.S. economy.)

I was particularly impressed with Brian Culpepper's (Tennessee Unit) speech on the National Socialist Movement's economic model and solution to the failing economy of the United States. Under National Socialism, cradle to grave welfare would be eliminated. If you are able bodied and do not work, you will not eat. Our border would be secured and illegal aliens would be deported. Foreign aid, especially to Israel would be cut. Israel receives enough aid from the United States that every man woman and child in that country could receive $26,000 annually. Overseas Military bases would be closed and our troops sent home to actually protect OUR country. Many useless government agencies would be closed. Lastly, the Federal Reserve would be audited. Even the moderates and main stream should take note of the N.S.M.'s workable economic model.

(Region 11 Director SSgt. Harry L. Hughes III gave a speech and report updating N.S.M. border operations. SS Lt. Schneider took the floor and offered SSgt. Hughes a standing ovation and three sieg heils. This was a deeply moving experience for me as I am only doing what a true patriot would do, defend our country from foreign invasion. I was indeed, humbled.)

Due to the tremendous volume of business, we were unable conclude our meeting on Friday night. We continued the meeting Saturday  afternoon, following our rally on the Capitol steps in Frankfort, KY. There was some light rain Saturday morning, but the weather cooperated enough for us to stay dry. Rain or shine, the N.S.M. marches forward.

We were pleased to see that many dedicated supporters stood the line with us. Members of the Loyal Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from North Carolina, Kentucky and West Virginia joined us on the Capitol steps. (At the head of the counter protest line, a handful of White People proudly displayed a White Pride World Wide flag. Police in tactical gear with shields stood by, but were not needed. It would appear that many of the citizens of Kentucky weren't too offended by our presence, In fact, we received support.)

I took some great photos and some short video of our trip to the meet up area prior to the rally. I gave a speech from the Capitol steps. I talked about illegal immigration, border security and how 26 sex offenders were stopped at the Arizona/Mexico border during the month of March. Those were the ones that were captured. I'm sure many more were able to penetrate our porous border. Now, they are on our streets preying on America's children.

The sound system was excellent and the audio quality was some of the best I've enjoyed, as of late. The masked anarchists with black flags were missing from the police lines. I learned that Frankfort has an ordinance that prohibits the wearing of masks. The Commie antifascist cowards were too afraid to show their faces. The counter protesters that did attend were a hodgepodge of homosexuals, Communists, Blacks,
degenerates and those that suffered from "white guilt".

Following the rally, we concluded our meeting with more speeches and food. Our comrades from the Loyal Knights Ku Klux Klan also attended our after event. This was one of the best meetings I attended, thus far.

Following the after party, almost everyone met for pizza and beverage at Fat Kats, the pizza place next door to the Motel. The place was also very popular with the Georgetown Police Department. Cops usually know where the good food is. We enjoyed good company, food and drink until closing time.

On Sunday morning, it was time for all of us to pack our bags and return to our home states. I would spend nearly two days on the bus before finally returning home. I was fortunate to have a laptop and internet access on the bus. I made good use of my time by editing my photographs and keeping my comrades in Arizona up to date.

I will certainly be looking forward to next year's gathering.

SSGT Harry L Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.- MEDIA Associate Producer




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