North California Forms up latest NSM Chapter

- report -

Today the National Socialist Movement met and formed a new unit in the Bay Area just outside of Richmond. The new unit formed will meet monthly in the Bay Area and Central California to teach the National Socialist ideology and political practices. We are accepting applications from racially aware whites that want to better the future for their children and grandchildren. Todays peaceful meeting was a great success! We took in new members and enjoyed the company of our comrades in a relaxing setting. Joseph of the newly formed NorCal unit opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. ST. Hall from the Southern California unit spoke on failed policies of our current system, our history being re-written and our oppressive governments propaganda. The group then opened up discussion with the impact that open borders has and the possible outcomes of the NAU. The group also dicussed the many myths of World War 2.

In the days prior to the meeting we learned that some local agitators had planned on disrupting our meeting however we met with no opposition. They spent too much time chasing their own tails to be of any concern to us. The NSM California unit would like to make clear that the meeting location was changed only once due to a cancellation and that the meeting was never to be held at any mexican restaurant. The NSM has not and will not plan any meetings in any restaurant. With the formation of this new unit we will bring the National Socialist doctrine to the racially aware masses of the Bay and Central California areas and invite all proud, racially aware whites to attend any of our National Socialist events.

Wherever the NSM goes the NSM grows. I would like to thank Joseph and Bill from NSM NorCal for hosting the event and Jimmy from the SoCal unit for heading security.

New NSM Norcal contact: E-mail

ST. Jeff Hall
NSM of S. California

P.O.Box 51891
Riverside, CA 92517


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