NSM Defends Community!

- After Action Report -

On May 29th, a mob of misguided members of the newly formed SoCal Anti-Racist Action commenced with their campaign of terror in Riverside, CA. in an attempt to drive out local families affiliated with the National Socialist Movement. The hate filled ara group targeted a family neighborhood in an absurd attempt to disturb a NSM meeting they believed to be held in a residential neighborhood. The threat to families in the surrounding neighborhood was our main concern, considering these extreme left wing groups are well known for attacking women, children, the elderly, and have engaged in violence against Police and anyone else who does not agree with their twisted worldview (mixture of communism and anarchism).

The proud members of the NSM stood their ground. We responded to three of our members being assaulted with illegal weapons, and took to the streets in self defense. As chaos ensued on the streets, the local PD took a 'wait and see' approach from blocks away. The NSM quickly found themselves on the offensive and chasing off the cowards behind masks. We cleared the streets of Riverside in less than four minutes while the instigators abandoned their signs and brown beret hats, and retreated with their tails between their legs. A great distance away from the first assault the deranged individuals pleaded for their signs and hats. The proud patriots of the NSM stood their ground, and will always work to defend the streets of America from the agitators that threaten our neighborhoods or families.

NSM California: See two video's below




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