A report from the front lines


We have spent many days and sleepless nights on the front lines. While Swine Flu and the wars with the drug cartels are the talking points of the media we remain fixed on our goal of observing and patrolling the southern border. We patrol the border with great honor and pride knowing that it is our patriotic duty to defend our race and nation from the Mexican invasion. There are few, if any, that can say that they have not fallen, slid, or rolled down one of the many steep hills or been injured in some way, shape or form however, our reward is in our dedicated service to the National Socialist Movement and our folk. With equipment donated from Bill and the Northern California Unit, new troops from the San Diego Unit, and the support of NSM members from across the nation we have had more brave troops protecting the border than the local Minutemen organization during the months of April and May. In the past our comrades have been harassed by law enforcement and Border Patrol however we have not wavered and we will not back down. It is worrisome to us that a section of the Department of Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano are more concerned with patriotic, law abiding citizens protecting the border than with law defying Mexican citizens loyal to their own country that flout our laws and suck our resources dry. Recently Janet Napolitano said that Mexicans that cross our borders without permission "are not breaking the law per se". This is an odd, unusual and disturbing interpretation of our federal laws. It is obvious that it is up to the citizens of this country to take a stand and patrol the border to protect our interests. The NSM is already doing our part. We are currently working on sending small teams to the front lines for tours of duty.These tours will be 24 hours a day for two rotating teams for two week stints.Each rotating two weeks on and two weeks off all year long. It would be easy to sit back and complain about the invasion and about the Mexican citizens lowering our standards of living in what were once prosperous white neighborhoods however it is far more productive and rewarding to take a stand and face the beast head on with no fear! Many say that the illigal immigration problem is to great to tackle however they are wrong. How does one eat an elephant? One bight at a time! Groups and encampments of Mexicans turn tail and run back south at the mere sight of us true American patriots standing fast on our great land. We will continue our efforts at the southern border with great strength and perseverance.

We have had many great successes in California lately. We now have three active units in California, NSM NorCal, NSM Inland Empire, and NSM San Diego. All three units are working to recruit new members and to spread the National Socialist doctrine to the unaware masses in California. We are working with other organizations that see our progress and see that we are leading the way and making great strides in the White struggle to regain dominance in this country and want to be a part of it. If we are not the largest National Socialist organization in California we are definitely the the fastest growing and will be the largest in a short period of time. The San Diego Unit hosted their first official meeting in the second week of May and are expecting several new applications from the San Diego area from people ready to join the unit. Our last meeting in the Inland Empire had as many in attendance as we had at our barbecue. From as far North as Fresno and as far South as the border our members and supporters came to join us for our April 2009 meeting and border trip that followed the meeting. Our folk enjoyed great company and wonderful food prepared by Pvt. Krista McCary, which included some of Hitler`s favorites, while we celebrated 35 years of the NSM, celebrated our fallen fuhrers birthday and played pin the tail on Obongo. Our guest speaker, NSM member John Mitchell, made the long travel from the United Kingdom to take in one of our meetings, experience one of our notorious border trips and to speak on National Socialism and the present issues whites are facing in the U.K. He also received some firearms training which must have been a treat for him seeing that firearms are illegal in the United Kingdom. We have a new applicant(s) from every monthly meeting and we do not see any signs of the recruiting slowing. Those of us that patrol the border would like to thank everyone that have sent support whether it be financial, equipment or encouragement and would like to extend an invitation to join us at the border to any NSM member interested.



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