Tupelo MS June 27 th Meet & Greet



There were NSM members and Supporters at this event plus media from Belgium. On Wednesday NSM member Renee' went to a local barber shop in our town and had her head shaved and donated the hair to Locks of Love from the NSM. The Springfield, MO unit made an 8 hour drive, and ST. Matt C. from the Chicago Unit flew into the Memphis, TN airport. A MS supporter made a 5 hour drive from south MS to attend. Interviews and documentary filming started when my wife and I arrived at the hotel at 0900. Friday night everyone made it into the hotel in New Albany, MS. At 2100 we all went to Tupelo to check out the park. After scouting the park we began a flyer run around the Tupelo area. We distributed 500 flyers via rolled newspapers in residential areas. Afterwards we went to the local Wal-Mart with a box of 2000 event flyers, about 200 random NSM flyers and began leafleting cars in the parking lot.  Sgt. Keene gathered the six members that were with her and left the scene. I followed suite with the three members I had.

Saturday at 0900, I took 3 members with me to the park to set up for the event At 1000 we all met at GumTree Park in Tupelo.  Most of the day consisted of the members enjoying each other's company and speaking with the Belgium media. About noon, I joined my wife's actions and had my head shaved in front of the media at the park and donated to Locks of Love.

A supporter showed up and  stated that he had received a flyer in his driveway. He stayed for a few hours and spoke with most of our members. He had to stop and ask for directions because he had never heard of GumTree Park. Upon leaving he took an application as well as stickers and other available media that we had to distribute.

Speaking with the police later that evening, I discovered where we had made our mistake. To put it bluntly, we did our job too well. Turns out. the park location was in the middle of the worst part of town. It was surrounded by low income housing and ghetto. The P.D. stated that they have to have numbers to enter that specific area. The pavilion was covered in gang graffiti and we spent parts of the day cleaning used syringes and other drug paraphernalia from the playground and park area. They stated that they were very impressed with us. Normally white people who enter the area are harassed and very seldom visit the area, which explains why no one knew where the park was located!

An independent journalist came to the meeting about an hour before we shut it down at 1700. In his words, “we scared the $*^# out of everyone.” “Even when the KKK holds an event, they are harassed and threatened by the black community.” We had no conflicts with them, despite being in the middle of gang territory. NSM members showed up flying Swastika flags and blasting pro-white music, with no opposition. The local news paper, The Daily Journal, had cancelled their interview due to their reporters being scared of us, so they hired an independent reporter to come out instead. Needless to say we had no local media coverage.

The best part of the event was when we went road side flying flags and passing out leaflets to motorists passing by.  There were two conflicts the entire day. First, a white passer by stopped on the roadway and began harassing us. After a short shouting match, and failed attempts to get him to come out and fight for his people, he made a mortal threat and I rushed the car. He peeled off and the cops pulled him over before he made it to the next street and ticketed him for harassing us! The second conflict, a member and I returned to the pavilion to get water and escape the 101 degree heat. At that time a passerby, white guy, stopped and attempted to rip my NSM flag off the pole. Ten of our members rushed at him, but made it there about 5 seconds after the police arrived and detained him. Later that night we all returned to the hotel where we held an after party and BBQ.

We had flyers, stickers, White Power CD's, DVD's of all NSM videos on YouTube, buttons, Renee' brought leaflets from her Missing Children Project and Sgt. Keene had Prison Outreach materials. Food and Drinks were on site as well as a TV and DVD player that played all our our collected NSM news footage and a 220w stereo that blasted White Power music throughout the projects. We had several local residents interested in the NSM that left with stickers, white power music and an application. Another successfull NSM event!


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