NSM: After Action report from Los Angeles

- After Action Report -

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April 17th, 2010, the National Socialist Movement rallied in front of downtown Los Angeles City Hall as part of our ongoing  campaign to reclaim the Southwest. This location was selected because of Mayor Villaraigosa and the City Council`s refusal to follow U.S. laws concerning illegal immigration, and Los Angeles status as a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens. L.A. was also selected because Southern California is literally the front lines of this fight against the invading menace of Third World aliens, which in turn has resulted in the White Minority in the area to feel like foreigners in their own land. The end result has been a highly motivated and energized White resistance Movement spearheaded by the NSM in the area.

Behind a booming P.A. system approximately 75 members of the NSM, along with a couple dozen additional supporters, Independents, and members of other groups made our voices heard in the sanctuary city as we stood in defiance against illegal immigration, corrupt politicians, and the businesses that hire illegals. Commander Schoep spoke on the National Socialist Movement`s continued commitment of an America first policy as patriots, and as a third party solution to the problems that plague our country.

He further explained to the flash mob that the Mexicans should embrace their own form of Nationalism, and return to their Homeland to reclaim their own destiny, not shove their Nationalism down American throats on American soil!  Guest speaker Jimmy Marr of the Pacifica Forum announced his support of our efforts and spoke  eloquently on White Civil Rights. Our local NSM Unit announced the future participation in local and national elections and promised additional street level activism. This rally against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration was just the beginning of our mission to reclaim the Southwest.

We stood in defiance of the status quo, and the unruly masses that wish for America to stay it`s course and collapse under the weight of unchecked immigration. We will not sit idly by as Mexicans march on our streets and demand the same rights reserved for American citizens. An allied assortment of minority groups (now the majority in Los Angeles), led by openly communist groups who flew red communist flags, alongside of abhorrent homosexual advocates, and violent anarchists from a collection of ara and violent anti-police, anti-white, and anti-American forces unlawfully assembled to block off streets and protest against us, in a pathetic attempt to keep us from exercising our First Amendment Rights.

The anti-racist and openly communist groups were blinded by hate, and once again showed their true colors by assaulting numerous innocent people in the crowd, including an attack on one of their own who they assumed was an NSM supporter. A second unprovoked, cowardly attack by the unwashed mob was a gang style assault against an older white man with pro-White tattoo's which took place before we arrived.  A number of other supporters did not make it to the meeting location in time, and braved the mob in order to hear the message of hope and resistance.  It is interesting to note that yet again, as almost every time we stage a peaceful march, rally, or protest, the enemies of the American way of life and free speech attack innocent people with violence.

After the rally we made one more stand against the nefarious groups. When we arrived at our parking area glass bottles, rocks and concrete rained down from the sky at the southwest corner. Our men immediately responded by raising our shields to protect the vehicles and members entering their cars.  If not for the men who raised the shields and charged to the front of what was starting to develop into what could best be described as the start of a riot, a number of people could have been hit with large chunks of concrete and brick.  The rally was a complete success and the solidarity amongst those whom attended was second to none in the face of such violence.  We look forward to future activism in the area. The media reported that four members of the unruly crowd were arrested, yet when the bricks and concrete were flying the media chose not to report much of that.

The rally was not the only successful event that day. After the rally in front of City Hall the National Socialist Movement hosted their 2010 National Meeting in Los Angeles. With a solid base, and new membership on the rise in the Southwest, the NSM held their first National meeting in sunny California. Although California was once not considered a NSM stronghold, the tide has definitely turned. We enjoyed a great turnout and discussed internal party business and future plans for our National Socialist party. We enjoyed a fantastic meal cooked for us by Krista and Beverly and we will not soon forget your dedication to feeding the hungry troops. Commander Schoep and the NSM leadership stand strong and swell with the pride at hosting a National event in the wild west. The members and unit leaders of the Southwest have done an excellent job in recruitment and solidifying our presence in the region to make the 2010 in Los Angels possible. The event was a great experience and was made possible by STFC Butch, STFC Norman, Cpl Krista, and Beverly.  We are all grateful for your devotion and service.

Finally, thank you to the members and supporters of the National Socialist Movement and everyone else who stood strong with us as we took the illegal immigration issue directly into downtown Los Angeles to send a strong message that there is resistance to this madness that is destroying our Nation, and we will face them anytime, anywhere, even in their beloved sanctuary cities.

After action report by:

Jeff Hall/Region 11 Director & Commander Jeff Schoep
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