NSM S.E. Conference + Concert

- After Action Report -

The NSM South East Regional Conference was a success, with approximately 70 NSM members in attendance, plus additional supporters and allies.

The conference began at 10 AM and included Political advocacy training, and numerous presentations. The meet and greet with speakers and a question and answer session started at 4pm. Overall, we accomplished all we had intended for the Region and the area is now primed for NSM expansion and further progress in the White Rights struggle.


After the meet and greet, there was a break for dinner. Later at the after party an excellent concert was done by our comrades Empire Falls. Empire Falls is a great live band, those of you who missed the show really missed out.


Below is some more newsmedia coverage.

Note no media was allowed to enter the meeting or concert, these were closed door events.

White supremacists, protesters stick to different parts of the city

http://www.news-record.com/ content/2009/08/29/article/ separated_by_ideology_and_ miles_white_supremacists_ protesters_stick_to_di

Residents protest Neo-Nazi group in Triad

http://news14.com/content/ local_news/triad/613966/ residents-protest-presence-of- neo-nazi-group-in-triad/

Group Protests Greensboro Neo-Nazi Meeting

National Socialist Movement Kept Triad Meeting Secret

http://www.wxii12.com/news/ 20623422/detail.html


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