NSM Activity from North West Coast to the South East Coast

- After Action Report -

On the 5th of November 2010

The Washington and Oregon State Units of the NSM met in downtown Seattle last week on November 5th to protest the Anti-Defamation League's 150 dollar-a-plate dinner and convention billed "NO PLACE FOR HATE!". Several members and their supporters showed up with our flag, our fliers, and our message.  The millionaires walking in and out all got an earful of the truth they don't want anyone to hear!  As people gathered in crowds on the street, the real message of the ADL was broadcasted loud and proud by members of the NSM, that the ADL is the most hateful, racist, bigoted organization of them all, who defames anyone who dares criticize Israeli or Jewish policy of being 'anti-semetic', and that they have faced criminal prosecution in California for spying on American citizens!

If there's no place for hate in Seattle, then there is no place for the ADL!

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On the 6th of November

The state of Florida had a illegal alien street protest . We met early in the morning for our pre rally meeting. After we went to the corner of Springhill Dr. and Mariner  in Spring Hill. We had many drive by supporters and some walk ups. We were asked may questions and have a new prospect for the state. As usual the normal protesters  came out to fight against us. We had signs for deport illegal's. The state of Florida is in dire need of illegal alien control. After the rally we went to a pick nick and all had a blast.

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