Conference in Ohio

- After Action Report -

August, 2018

A meeting of unity and solidarity was held by the East Coast Knights on Saturday, July 14, 2018. The NSM along with other allied organizations attended the event in Ohio. It was a time of fellowship and encouragement.  

There were several speakers during the event, including Commander Schoep of the NSM. The importance of coming together as one was emphasized in many of the speeches. We as a people must stand on a united front in order to defend against the erosion of freedom. The preservation of our history for future generations depends on the unity of white America.This is the only defense against the tyranny of today. To close out the event there was a cross and odal rune lighting.

The NSM was invited to participate in the lighting ceremony to represent the continued unity between both the ECK and the NSM. As long as we are united, this decadent degenerate system will not succeed! HAIL VICTORY!



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