Racial Unrest in Seminole County Florida
NSM to Respond with Armed Patrols

- Announcement -

March 2012

The National Socialist Movement is currently organizing patrols ARMED, with the knowledge of the racial violence that is taking place in the Orlando, Sanford, area's of Seminole County Florida. We have been contacted by dozens of local citizens from the area whom are concerned for the safety of their families in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The counter response by the New Black Panther Party was to put a $10,000. dead or alive bounty out against the alleged Mexican gunman by the name of George Zimmerman.

Some may question why this matter concerns those of us in the National Socialist Movement and the White Civil Rights Movement. The answer is simple, first off the New Black Panthers seemingly are getting a free pass from the Federal Government to openly call for the death of another person and charges against the individuals calling for the bounty have not been filed. Remind anyone of the Voter Intimidation matter that was pushed under the rug a couple years back? The NSM does not disagree with the Panthers on the matter of Racial separation, however their ability to openly and very publicly break the law and avoid prosecution is something that is of grave concern to the White Community, and those of us active in the White Civil Rights struggle here in the United States. If a White Citizens group openly called for the death of a specific individual, we would be locked up in a heartbeat! Beyond the obvious blind eye being offered by the system to these misdeeds, and miscarriage of justice, the concern of the White Community in this matter is exactly as follows. The lawless declaration which is fostering further Racial tension in the Community, is of serious concern to White citizens. As citizens and neighbors dissolve along Racial lines, the possibility of further Racial violence in the Melting Pot is brimming over like a powder keg ready to explode into the streets. The National Socialist Movement for many years has publicly called for Racial separation, the melting pot of forced integration in America is a massive failure, and this is just one more example of a Racial issue about to explode!

We (The NSM and our allies) have tackled Racial issues in the streets from the ongoing Flash mob attacks against White Citizens in Milwaukee and elsewhere, to Racial violence against Whites in St. Louis, virtually all across this Nation, not to mention our efforts on the Mexican Border fighting illegal immigration, and so many other important issues that effect our Nation. Our mission continues, the counter response begins this weekend as we organize patrols who will be armed (with knowledge), covering various areas in Seminole County to insure White Citizens will be safe from any potential Racial violence. The NSM Organized Citizen Patrols will be strictly operating in self defense, and within State and County laws.

In defense of America,
Jeff Schoep / Commander
National Socialist Movement



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