Region 2 meeting / literature handout


NSM Region # 2 ( DE, PA, NJ, MD )  had their regional meeting today in Delaware.

We discussed the strategy today to improve a bit more on our progress in this region . Members from the different state units came today and showed their comradery , commitment and their dedication to continue with the growth in this region their states and the NSM as a whole.

As we got to know more about each other during our discussions we also decided to change the literature handout location after the meeting.

We decided to go to the Christiana Mall ,  Newark, Delaware and distribute there .  Only a few of us did the literature handout  but it was great to see members in full uniform walking through the parking lot distributing the fliers.

One of the members was approached by a man from the military after he returned to his truck to  find the handout under his windshield wiper.

They seamed to have a very good conversation the military man agreed to most of what the NSM is about . He had brought up the Swastika being in the NSM shield on the handout , when he was explained that  is a very mis understood symbol ECT . He understood why we use it .  He had also brought the item of  religion and how god states we are all created equally .  When the facts and statistics were laid out he also saw that was not so true. The last item he spoke about was the different races , our member explained not all members that are in the NSM are racist, Nazi s or white supremacist   ECT most of our members there are being very misunderstood. Our members realize that when politicians  are not putting our country and citizens first but their own person agenda , gain or ego it destroys our country . Our members are gaining in membership and supporters because people are getting past the media bias about us , finding out about us themselves and then realize how much they agree with us and our views .  We are here to take back our country from the sell out politicians and special interest groups.

This was a great day here in the region and we expect  more of a turn out for next months regional meeting and literature handout.

Cpl Jason Hiecke
NSM Region 2 Leadership
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