Report for Region 2 monthly meeting

- After Action Report -

July 18 , 2010

Dedication, education and sacrifice!

This will be my last report as the region two coordinator , it has been a great honor to serve the political party of the NSM  along side the dedicated, quality membership here in the region.

  It was a great meeting. We spoke of all the updates, improvements and successes since the last meeting.  It was an honor to welcome several new probate members to their first meeting, along with doing my first patching by taking members from probate status to full membership .    

  I  discussed how we should present ourselves in public when representing the NSM.  Two other members spoke of important topics. NJ State rep St Will and St. B. People from the public took to us pretty good there, the location where we were welcomed us back at anytime. 

  After the meeting members did a very large two town literature handout.  A location in PA were 300 were put out, along with someone taking pictures of us. The other was in NJ around 200 were put out.

   It was a very long day for myself but it was well worth it.

  It was a hot and sunny afternoon and I could barely contain my excitement about the NSM event I was to go to.  Not only was I along with 8 other members to receive my NSM party patch, but the NSM's own Brian Holland, party candidate and author, would be attending the meeting as well.  Upon arrival I called into the restaurant and requested some help bringing in my fund-raising merchandise.  Fairly soon a youth wearing the party's traditional brown shirt uniform complete with jackboots came out to assist me.  It was then that I realized that we were defiantly going to make our presence be known on this day.

  After bringing the items in and beginning to lay everything out, a second new probate began to chat me up.  He had been concerned about joining a NS organization, he said, but finally decided to take the plunge.  I related a similar story to him, telling him that for years I had stood on the edges of the movement, until finally I had decided to throw caution to the wind and make a stand.  It was rather refreshing to meet someone younger then me who had joined up, and brought my spirits up quite a bit.  

  We started out with lunch and ordered a variety of food, and our waitress was respectful and seemed to agree to some extent with our message.  We had the entire back room to ourselves (although it was not closed off, so we could still be seen walking around in full uniform by the general public).  The NSM88 records merchandise and Nationalist Flags Project/Der Totenkopf Newsletter fund-raising merchandise was spread over several booths we had so much of it.  

   During one amusing moment a woman walked into the meeting room and asked one of our members if we were in the air force.  She replied that no, we were the National Socialist Movement, to which the woman did not have much to say.

  Our official meeting began with a few words by our SS Sgt. Jason H.  He discussed in brief basic protocol that was to be expected of all NSM members. He also read a few bullet points from Rockwell's "Political Warfare", dealing with how to behave at rallies, when and how to protest, and when not to. He then handed out patches for NSM members coming off of probationary status.  SS Sgt. Jason mentioned to the group of us that it was only through hard work that we had earned these patches, and that if a probate simply sits idly by, they do not get patched in this region. This made it to me even the better when I received mine.  It truly was an honor.  

  There was also a brief speech by Sgt. Jason about uniform requirements. Only an American flag patch, (either 50 star, 13 star revolutionary, or the 13 star w/swastika revolutionary, NSM patch, NSM collar tab and rank collar tab,  and ones name embroidered over the left pocket were to be allowed with the uniform. Members were encouraged not to disgrace their uniform by putting non-party/non-approved patches on their uniforms.  

  Although not overly accustomed to public speaking I had decided to take the risk regardless and say a few words.  I began with a speech about my progress over the years in the movement, from my proud membership in the T.O.T. USA (now disbanded, RIP) to my now full membership in the N.S.M 88.  I used this as a reference to how much the NSM had to offer, and how well we do at attracting membership from all across the board, from skinheads to grandmothers. Also brought up was the peril that religious infighting could play in keeping our new recruits. I ended the speech with a few inspirational remarks about how the NSM would never abandon Der Fuhrer or the swastika, and that only through extreme (legal) solutions would we reach our final goal of waking up the White Aryans of this Nation.

  I then spoke of my two projects, the Nationalist Flags Project and Der Totenkopf Newsletter. Trying to make it quick as to not take up too much of the meeting, I explained that the NFP was a project to create rare and hard to find Nationalist flags of high quality, and that Der Totenkopf Newsletter was a publication that supported the NSM and covered a wide variety of material, with many notable NS writers.  I discussed the need for funding of both of them, and provided examples of flags and literature I had already created to the audience. NJ Unit Leader W. took the front, and discussed activity in the area. He had earlier been awarded 2 CDS for his hard work and activism. He discussed the importance of flier handouts and other worthy ventures. The NJ Unit leader is a solid comrade, and we of the NSM look to him to bring the movement to new heights in the months and years to come. He has withstood various kinds of pressure and still stood strong.  We salute you comrade!

   NS Presidential candidate Brian Holland then took the stage. A veteran in politics, he was a mainstream radio talk show host for 20 years before taking it to the next level with the National Socialist Movement. He gave a great speech, one of the things that stood out the most was the need to look to the ones before us for inspiration, such as men he had worked with like the Rev. Matt Hale, Dr. William Pierce, and quite a few others. He also derided the Tea Party movement, essentially saying it was an empty cause and only groups like the NSM had the ability to save the country. He also told the crowd that themes of bigotry, genocide, racial hatred, etc. would only set us back, and the way forward was through positive ideological words and deeds. Mr. Holland had brought as fund-raising for his 2012 campaign his own patriotic BBQ sauce and some anti-Obama bumper stickers.  

  Several good things came of our meeting, outside of the obvious.  For one, the waitress seemed to be somewhat interested in our cause, and we made sure to give her a large tip stuffed into some NSM literature! The manager of the restaurant also talked to one of the NSM leadership, asking us if we held regular meetings and if we liked the food. When both were replied with a yes, he said that we would always be welcome to come back if we'd like. So much for the image of National Socialists as a bunch of rowdy punks!

   On our way out of the meeting, we had several large boxes of White Pride merchandise to take to the car. Off to the side a white man carrying a pizza box walked up to us and asked what we were selling, as we had the trunk of one of our cars open as we loaded the items into the vehicle. Sgt. Jason replied that we had White Pride merchandise for sale. The man then pointed to another individual walking up and told us that he would be the one who would be interested in buying something. Now these were both civilians just passing through. We showed his friend our various items, and I said "I have Adolf Hitler coffee mugs", to which he replied he would defiantly be interested. Pulling out the "old school NSM" design which had a prominent swastika on it, he instantly said "sold". We ended handing them both some NSM literature and encouraged them to get into touch, and were on our way. 

  I unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to make the flier drop (which ticked me off to no end).

- St.  Albion Bulldog
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