NSM Region 2 (NJ , PA , DE , MD) Meeting - February 2010

- After Action Report -


Our regional meeting was held in Pennsylvania this month . It was by far our most impressive local meeting to date. NSM PA West unit had located a very nice dinning hall. Several prospects along with 15 members most in full uniform attended. We ate very well, had our monthly raffle, two other prizes were also donated for the drawing.

We discussed our progress ,  next set of goals as we continue to achieve them ahead of schedule.   There was a large literature handout to be done afterwards at a  National chain store.  As the members proceeded to do the handout some were approached by security and told they were not allowed to do it there and  must leave . Management also came out and threatened to call the police . We informed them we will wait for the authorities to show up before we continue.   I told all members to wait in their vehicles and I would handle this , they all refused and proudly stood by me as we waited. After a short time waiting they never showed up ,  myself and two other member's proceeded to enter the store to speak with management .   They continued to try and argue with us and one tried intimidating us . I informed them this was our legal , constitutional right and duty to inform the public of what is going on with our country.

I suggested they call the authorities so this could be handled in a very civil manner .   They refused !  So they were informed them we were going to continue. We had excellent involvement with the public as many were handed out person to person with some of them asking for extra copies to pass out to their friends  . Estimated 500 handouts were giving out .   As we walked back to our vehicles we picked up those few that we found to be discarded on the parking lot grounds . We refused to be intimidated , stood our ground and accomplished what we set out to do in a legal and civil manner.

I must give a major salute to all those dedicated members that attended.

Cpl Jason H. 
NSM Region Two Coordinator
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