NSM Region 8 meeting - February 2010

- After Action Report -

We had a successfull event  in Manhattan Kansas! The Afternoon started off with members and supporters trickeling into town around noon, and meeting up over lunch.  There connections were established and new Comrades were introduced.

Following the lunch, we walked around the area which was full of bars, music stores, and restaurants, obviously the community center of the college town. There we passed out hundreds of NSM88 Records Built for War sampler c.d.'s and literature in person, and put many more on windshields along the main streets.  There were lots of positive comments as the occasional car would drive by yelling "White Pride!"  and "The south will rise again!".  For a liberal college town this was music to our ears.

As the snow began to move in we returned to a warm night in our hotel rooms, where introductions were formalized,  future events were planned and announcments were made. Including the announcement that Sgt. Knowles is now appointed the NSM State Leader for Kansas.

Following the meeting, members and supporters began to unwind and relax, enjoying drinks and sharing stories that kept people laughing till after 4 am.

The next morning, as the snow piled on, we said our goodbye's and wished each other a safe ride home, and reluctantly we parted ways till next time, with most of us promising to see each other at NSM Nationals in Los Angeles on April 17th, so we can face down thousands of illegal border jumpers together!


Sgt. Knowles
NSM Kansas




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