Riverside Anti-Illegal Immigration Protest


Written By: NSM California and the Great Eight
Special thanks to ST Mike O`Dell for his major contribution to this report

When we talk of amazing historical events of human courage against overwhelming odds we often find ourselves discussing Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae. In 480 BC 7,000 Greeks battled millions of Xerxes soldiers during the second Persian invasion of Greece.

On September 26th, 2009, a handful of NSM members protesting the Mexican invasion found themselves in hand to hand combat with over 200 violent Jews, Illegal Immigrants, and homosexual Rights Activists in the streets of Riverside California. Now known as the Great Eight, this handful of first time protesters were attacked with machetes and sticks and found themselves trading punches, kicks, and elbows defending themselves while having rocks and dirt thrown at them in an hour of street fighting. Even when the level of violence had escalated turning the event into nothing short of a riot our members stood their ground. The following is their story.

10:00 a.m. PT on 26-September, two carloads of protesters arrived in the parking lot outside a Home Depot. NSM members staged a protest against illegal immigration on a public sidewalk in front of the Home Depot in Riverside, California. This event gave the NSM a unique opportunity to take a stand against illegal immigration in the state of California and inspire other patriotic Americans to support our cause while enjoying each other's camaraderie.


There was already a group of about fifty counter-protesters assembled on a street corner opposite the area the NSM had designated as its demonstration site. As soon as we got to the street we were met by a small contingent of counter-demonstrators who came across the street to stand on the sidewalk right in front of us. As our members began to unfurl our flags and start our demonstration, the rest of the counter-protesters crossed the street. Now there were about 50-60 of them in front of us. We were joined by two White racial comrades who we past minutes ago walking through the parking lot. They stood with us as the group opposing the NSM was now growing to about 100+ strong. Ten minutes later about 50-60 additional counter-protesters who had come from another demonstration in Downtown Riverside marched down Madison Ave. They were banging pots and pans, blowing whistles and chanting. They were carrying signs that said “If You Don't Like Our People, Get off Our Land.” They were a hostile group who hurled a variety of insults and invectives at us; threw dirt clods and rocks at us. Our comrades and supporters noticed an Israeli flag, at least one Mexican flag, a gay pride rainbow flag and the black & red bi-color flag of the anti-White movement. The NSM comrades & supporters proudly flew official NSM party flags, a U.S. flag and our California state flag.

As the demonstration progressed, the Riverside police presence began to grow. There was even at least one uniformed representative of the U.S. Department of Justice on the scene. Despite the presence of police in riot gear, the security situation gradually deteriorated. This was no longer a fight of words but a street brawl. We defended ourselves by pushing back the opposition even though we were outnumbered by over 200 violent Jews, Illegal Aliens, and Homosexual Rights Activists.

By about 10:30 a.m. PT our protest group was totally surrounded by hostile counter-demonstrators rioting. These anti-Whites were showing their true violent nature. We were now at war defending our property and well-being. Not one NSM comrade or supporter complained, backed down, showed any signs of fear or otherwise suggested we leave. We traded blow for blow and showed the opposition what real courage is even when they brandished machetes. As I looked around I found riot police on the ground and chaos as far as I could see however my brothers and sisters in arms just fought back stronger.

Close to 11:00 a.m. PT the Riverside police instructed us to leave. They had no control over the event and their lives were obviously in danger. We could see fear in their eyes and we felt we had accomplished our goal of shutting down the day labor site and making our voices heard. They agreed to help us safely leave the area and they cleared a path for us through the counter-demonstrators so that we could get to our vehicles. As we drove out of the parking lot, the counter-demonstrators followed us on foot. At least two full water bottles were thrown at our cars as we drove away, but no damage was done, and nobody got hurt.

All of the folks who took part in the protest were proud to be in each other`s company. We were proud of the fact that we stood strong as National Socialists in front of fierce and hostile opposition, conducted ourselves appropriately at all times, and staged a successful protest here in California.

It was a short drive to the barbecue. Ken, who spent the morning scuffling with aggressive counter-demonstrators was able to cook for all the attendees and feed a hungry crowd. We would like to thank the overwhelming support from White racialists across the Nation, and especially from the Riverside area.

We will be protesting once again at the corner of Madison and Indiana in Riverside on October 24th. This will be a longer protest than before lasting three hours and we are expecting many more members. We will begin again at 10:00 a.m. and we will not leave until 1:00 p.m. Our Stormtroopers will keep our members and supporters safe from the  violent behavior of the anti-whites. The head of our Stormtroopers has assured me that he and his troops will do the job the Riverside PD and Department of Justice were unable to do. Our vehicles and activists will be protected. We will ignore any requests or demands from the police to leave or move.

Our First Amendment Rights will not be revoked again!

Details: Oct. 24th, 10am
Corner of Madison & Indiana

Contact us for parking and other instructions at  http://ca.nsm88.org/news/ index.php?option=com_contact& Itemid=3

Find the protest location at http://www.mapquest.com/maps? city=Riverside&state=CA& address=3323+Madison+St


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