1st Annual Rudolf Hess Memorial Campout

- After Action report -

My name is Sgt. Knowles of NSM Kansas City and this is the first event I have ever taken upon my shoulders to plan and organize myself. I did receive lots of assistance from many close comrades all of whom I cordially thank for helping me out, be it with supplies or cash assistance, because it was your assistance that helped make this campout a success.

But I can truthfully say how worried I was about making sure everyone had a good time.

Over the last year and a half, many comrades from the Midwest region have put in many hours of WORK (and yes I capitalize that word because there has been lots of it) - from protests to literature drops, from rallies to even hosting and participating through our various roles with Nationals. Many of us worked so hard throughout the Midwest that it was time to come together for rest and relaxation.

On Friday, August the 21st comrades began arriving from many surrounding states with the first arriving after an 8 hour drive. He secured the campsite in anticipation of an arriving caravan of  NSM members and supporters. The first wave arrived around 4pm to be greeted at the well secured and guarded gates of the campsite by our active and hard working Colorado comrade.

We immediately all pitched in to get the tents up and supplies into place, unloading a large pickup truck full of wood, and preparing the largest BBQ grill I have ever had the pleasure to cook on.

While our beautiful party flags and banner swayed proudly in the breeze as they hung from the sides of the pavilion,  we received a surprise phone call from the NSM's own skinhead band ENFORCER letting us know they were on the way and planned to play!

Throughout the evening many more comrades began to arrive, from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa , and Nebraska. All in all our official numbers were 40 attendants through the weekend!

Everyone became settled in and I made sure everyone had their share of dinner, the campfire was lit, and we all gathered around. Identitist , Odinist, and political soldiers alike passed the mead horns through sumbel in honor of Rudolf Hess with all sides praising and honoring their god or gods, praising our heroes and ancestors, and oathing and boasting to our accomplishments and dreams. Through this sumbel you could feel everyone being pulled closer together as such events are intended to do.

The fire lasted late into the night as comrades continued to eat, drink and catch up after not having seen each other for many months.

The next morning Christina Drake treated everyone to biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and after everyone had their fill, we all dressed down and caravaned out to the swimming beach where we laughed at the games of chicken in the water, and chuckled about the lone mexican who showed up, and just as he walked to the waters edge had a change of heart about swimming, without being antagonized I might add.  (I guess he was too scared of so many great white sharks swimming nearby!)

Shortly thereafter we returned in caravan to the campsite, to witness Pastor Drew marry a wonderful loving couple. You could tell just by watching them how greatly affectionate and truly in love they were.  Beautiful music was played on accoustic guitar by Chad of Enforcer, and all the comrades stood in two lines facing middle, dress right, giving our proud political salute to the couple as they walked between us to stand before Pastor Drew where they were joined together in holy matrimony.

More comrades arrived throughout the evening and after eating we were treated to new original songs by Enforcer, while we warmed and shared drinks around the campfire, as well as random funny mischief amongst comrades throughout the night.

As SS Mann Boswell and his family were leaving Saturday so they could be back to work the next day, they encountered a car turned over on it's roof no more than a mile from the campsite. SS Mann Boswell immediatley went to action checking on the well being of the passenger in the vehicle. SS Mann Boswell was able to open the door to the flipped car so the woman could crawl out. Christina had called the police and as the cops arrived to the accident it was discovered the woman who wrecked was so drunk she could barely stand.  So SS Mann Boswell gave his statement to police completely dressed in his best Nazi clothing, and then they were on their way.  I have always said that SS Mann Boswell  is a prime example and solid rock of National Socialism, and his actions there proved so even more.

The next morning, those weekend warriors who stayed for the entire campout were treated to a breakfast of monstrous proportions involving  pancakes from the grill, steaks, hamburgers, smoked sausage, and more bisquits and gravy. I thank Jason from St. Louis with all his help in getting the food cooked that morning. Then Pastor Drew's 15-year-old son won five dollars for eating the largest steak grilled all to himself as a dare, and he still had room for pancakes! One look and you would not know where he put it all!

Everyone gave a helping hand cleaning up the site, and  we sat together a few minutes longer to listen to hilarious misadventures from our comrades who have spent many years on the skinhead scene. A story involving a sasquatch named Chad comes to mind.

What a SUCCESS this campout was! I have already been asked to make it annual by MANY comrades who had an excellent time. I am sure I will accomodate their wishes.


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