NSM Southern California held its first BBQ

- report -

On Saturday, February 28, NSM Southern California held its first BBQ at the request of our new youth director. NSM Probate Samantha S. wanted a chance for the parents of our group to mingle and befriend each other. It was a chance for us to plan future play dates for our children and a chance for our new members and supporters to see our strong family values. Probate Ken D. was our grill master and proved to be an exillent chef as the children and parents enjoyed the company of their comrades. Some of our members filled their stomachs and prepared for a week of guarding the southern border.

The BBQ was set to start at noon but with many comrades arriving early the event kicked off at 10:30am and lasted until 3:00am Sunday morning. Many men and women from various groups traveled hundreds of miles to enjoy our National Socialist event and to stand as whites united for a white national socialist future. Even with different religious beliefs proud whites under different banners stood united by our white skin. In California we know that we are in the belly of the beast and stand together in our fight for our childrens future.

With new recruits signing on every month we feel the pride of knowing that our culture will not be easily swept under the rug and our folk will fight for our existence. Our southern California unit grows and shows new determinatation with new blood as we continue our mission to fight for a better future.

ST. Jeff Hall
NSM of S. California

P.O.Box 51891
Riverside, CA 92517


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