NSM S.E. Minnesota Mobilizes local citizens
against the illegal immigrant invasion!



NSM local group Leader Sam Johnson reports that approximately 30 local people rallied against the illegals, vs. approximately 40 illegal aliens, along with a few of their left wing Marxist supporters that came from Minneapolis to rally against the NSM.

It should also be noted that the newly organized SE Minnesota unit mobilized this particular protest with only local citizens, and no outside NSM support coming in from out of town. Unlike the Marxists from the Socialist Workers Party who came all the way to South MN. from the City. NSM SE Minnesota will continue their grassroots effort to mobilize local citizens against the immigrant plague, which has stricken the Region and robbed many citizens of employment.

If enough people stand up like these men and women are doing in their communities, the Government will have to listen. Our actions are not about hate or racism (as our Marxist adversaries claim), its about America, American jobs, and bringing our Nation back from its current Recession. The illegals have dragged down and ruined our economy with the blessing of many, many crooked Politicians. It is time for the people to rise up, and demand the changes needed to restore America to its former Glory.

Today the voice of the people belongs to the National Socialist Movement! Slowly but surely, our progress in the streets is paying off. From mobilizing local towns people in Minnesota, to cleaning up roads in Missouri, combined with our National efforts in nearly every State, the grassroots mobilization is building us the Political army we need to bring about real change for the better.

Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement

News clippings from the event below: http://www.postbulletin.com/ newsmanager/templates/ localnews_story.asp?z=28&a= 402501

http://www.minnpost.com/ politicalagenda/2009/06/04/ 9296/shouting_and_fist- shaking_at_austin_immigration_ protest

http://minnesotaindependent. com/36185/ammn-june4-austin- immigration

http://kaaltv.com/article/ stories/S961876.shtml?cat= 10219   video footage here too


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