Report from Skokie


Amidst all the insanity of the last days of preparation for Nationals, I received a telephone call from our NSM comrades in the Chicago area asking if we could attend a protest in Skokie on Sunday, the day after our rally under the Arch. Apparently, it was to be much larger than they had anticipated. Instead of just a few dozen “survivors,” both old and young (they still have never explained to me how someone born after 1945 can be a “survivor”), this was going to be big, with several thousand “survivors,” as well as special appearances by “eminent personages” such as former Pres. Clinton, Colin Powell, and the so-called “Nazi hunter” Elie Wiesel. I knew we had to be there.

So I put the word out at Nationals that as many as could go, we would be leaving at approximately 2 a.m. right after the concert to drive all night to get to Skokie and do another protest. After an entire week-end full of activities, including a rally under the Gateway Arch on Sat. and a concert that went late into Sat. night, I didn't really expect too many people to volunteer to drive all night, have strength enough to protest all the next day, and then turn around and drive home Sun. night. Much to my surprise and pride, 18 people met me in the lobby of the hotel and we co-ordinated our rendezvous for the next morning.

We rendezvoused at a pancake house that turned out to be predominately jewish! So even before the protest began we had our first run-in with the cops. We were doing nothing illegal, so they left us alone. We were supposed to meet there with an NSM supporter and then go on to another location to meet with other groups. But our contact person did not show and our calls were not returned. So two of us split off to scope out the location and after some very quick recon decided on a protest location and then returned to the pancake house. Since our calls had still not been returned, we decided to go ahead with the protest, with or without anybody else's help.

We began the protest at a major intersection leading into the Holohoax “museum” (propaganda centre) where all the jews could see us as they left. We stood on the corner with our signs and flags, chanting and passing out flyers to cars stopping at the intersection. The cops overseeing the security for the “museum” apparently didn't like all this truth getting out, so they began directing traffic by hand and kept it moving past us rather than allowing people to stop at the intersection. Although it was raining and we were exhausted, we were all in high spirits and yelled ourselves hoarse Sieg Heiling the busload after busload after busload of Holohoax “survivors” that oozed out of the propaganda centre. After about an hour and a half, we were joined by an individual who I shall not name in case he doesn't want me to. And about an hour after that, we were joined by three members of the Illinois National Socialist Front and Art Jones, his wife, and three others. These were all apparently people who saw us out there and decided to assist. Kudos to them and our thanks.

After 4 hours in the rain, with no voice left and exhaustion getting the better of us, we decided to call it a day. This was a great victory for us as thousands upon thousands of jews saw that the NSM will not back down. Hopefully, we made some good contacts with comrades whom we can stand with and who will stand with us in the future; and hopefully laid the groundwork for future events in Skokie. I am immensely proud of all the NSM members who were out there. To lay yourselves on the line yet again after a very full week-end in St. Louis, with no sleep, soaked to the skin, hoarse, exhausted, and yet without a word of complaint is exactly what makes me proud to be a National Socialist and proud to be NSM. This is the stuff National Socialists are made of and this is the stuff Victories are made of! You all deserve commendations and you will all have a special place in my heart for this. I salute you all!

Hail Victory!

SS Lt. Steven Boswell


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