Southeast MN Protest


Hails Comrades!

On July 10th the NSM Southeast MN Unit along with NSM Wisconsin and associate Joe Thomas went to Faribault and protested against a STOP THE RAIDS vigil was being held by the communist group Centro Campesino. We arrived in Faribault at around 8:15 pm and went directly to Central Park. We were met by a woman who claimed to be an illegal immigrant who told us that what we are doing is wrong and decided to preach to us out of the bible. Then a 70 year old race traitor came over and told us to leave the city because everyone will be the same color someday any how. I laughed as she walked away. Then came the police! The police did not do anything when the woman said she was illegal, and the police still did not do anything when she drove off while advising them she was driving without a license. All in all it was a good night. No incidents occurred.

On July 11 th , 2009 NSM-MN and NSM-WI along with associates Joe Thomas, Blaze,  as well as my family and a few local citizens formed up to rally against illegal immigration and the problems it has incurred within the local community. The rally started at 2:00 pm, and lasted for approximately 2+ hours. There were many that opposed us with their numbers being mainly 95 percent Hispanic. I started by reading a story about a birdfeeder, and then my speech asking the question what has happened to American Patriotism, while giving reasons why American citizens need to come together on this issue and not separate by partisanship. The opposition grew very loud. Death threats were thrown by the other side and once again no reaction from the local police force. The opposed began to march around the block without a permit, and once again no reaction from the police force. We continued our back and fourth stand against the communists. At about 4:00 pm they all scattered, and we were left standing victorious! Afterwards we all went to eat at the local Mongolian buffet with great food, and which is also right next door to a newly opened Mexican restaurant where we observed a few of our protestors eating. They of course had no desire without the press or police there to finish any conversation. We then returned back to my home where we sat,  talked, enjoyed the early evening with a few cold brews, and enjoyed our recent victory.

88! Unit Leader Sam J.


Hails ALL!

I would just like to add to Sam's report with the following. Once again I was proud to be with my NSM Comrades as they rallied against not only illegal immigration, but also greedy profiteering corporations, the inability of local government to control an out of hand situation,  failure of ICE to react to the situation through Federal Law Enforcement, and to stand up for those who's voices are either lost, or who have become too afraid of retribution in their own small beloved community to stand publicly and be heard. They are on the front lines, as well as in the face of the local government when the hold their open meetings. They do one hell of a job.

Sam and Robert have used their small crew to bring light to many of the problems within their own community, and all the while it appears to me, that they are constantly in harms way. Even as we ate just moments after the rally phones at the table started to ring, and Bubba and Jose gave their threats of future harm. Go to the Northeast side of this 24,000 person town and view the graffiti. Not just gang tags but “serious” gang tags. In Austin, Minnesota? In a town billed as the danged “Home of Spam”? Hell yes!

We had it all in the crowd with us on Saturday the 11 th it would seem…La Raza…Centro Campesino…United Farm Workers Union…local gang-bangers, and of course the ever popular sprinkling of Jew and race traitor. The only thing missing was anyone from local government with a “CLUE”. It became heated at times as one often expects, but my hat is off to the white gentleman with the large cajones. He was neither for nor against, but stood on the side of the US Constitution as an ex-military veteran. He became tired of the Mexican Bullhorn Bullcrap…went up to the man who constantly screamed in Mexican through it…grab him and told him to STFU as the National Socialists had every right to be heard whether they agreed with them or not.

Old dude…whoever you are…I am still standing at attention for you!

Watch for the footage soon to follow from NSM Media . Also see the Austin Daily Herald news report that was actually for once rather un-biased and factual, and one that even took me by surprise. Has more great pictures if the event also. http://www.austinda ilyherald. com/news/ 2009/jul/ 13/rally- heats-no- arrests/

The saddest part of this event had to be local law enforcement in both Austin and Faribault, and their inability to enforce any types of laws in regards to “illegal immigration”. The story Sam told above is true as I was there also. The only thing the police would enforce on either day was their veiled threats of my visiting the local jail if I kept pointing my camera in their direction, or someone going to jail for using “PROFANITY”. OMG not jail for saying a bad word that was not even one racist in nature, but starts with F and ends with K. Dudes…in case no one has noticed about 90% or better of the employees at Whore-Mel and QPP are illegal. Trying calling ICE or the Minnesota state governor and asking for immediate help. My pointing a camera or someone dropping an F-Bomb are both written citation offenses, not federal offenses.

Will I be there next time an event is held in Austin? Hell yes! To both Sam and Robert I say stay strong, stay on course, my hat is off to you both. Not that this has any bearing for the readers here, but both of the Comrades are still “probates” and constantly on the move making me proud of them. Salutes brothers!


Sgt/Maj Borremans



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