NSM 35th Anniversary & After Action Report from St. Louis: Over 100 March

Our 35th Anniversary/National Meeting 2009 was an event packed with activity from start to finish. The event began first thing Friday Morning.

9:00 am A class held for the NSM's Viking Youth Division by it's Director M. Sgt. Christina Drake.
10:00 am Grass-roots activism class held by Sgt. Knowles.
11:00 am National Socialist Discussion group
12:00 to 4:00 pm break for lunch, social time, swimming, free time.
4:00 pm to 11:00pm NSM National Meeting/35th Anniversary event.

The National Meeting was held in St. Louis this year and began with a featured video produced by NSM California. The video project featured what NSM California troops have been doing defending America's Border, and several speeches by various members from the CA Division that were patroling the California Border while the meeting was in progress in Missouri. After the video our members and supporters enjoyed a feast prepared by the NSM Womens Division. An Italian style meal with Southern hospitality was enjoyed by all. After dinner, the speakers began to take the stage. This years speakers were firing on all cylinders, Lt. Boswell was up first, followed by myself, then one of the original founding members of the National Socialist Movement (a man that once served with Commander Rockwell) Cliff Herrington, up next was Major Remer, followed by some of the best and brightest including M. Sgt. Christina Drake, Sgt. Keene, Cpl. McCune, and many more exceptional Leaders. Presentations, awards, and Rank promotions were given out to many dedicated members, and the meeting hall was at nearly full capacity until it closed for the night. The after Party Friday night was an adventure as always, complete with live music, National Socialists on the dance floor, a bar filled with people, and other things that will be left from the Official after-action report.

Next up: Saturday

The March to the Arch, and Rally. Starting at 12 Noon, we met with Reporters from the Local and National NBC tv affiliate and MSNBC to do a couple interviews about the March. Immediately after we departed for the March. We had news that some of our members from Kentucky and Colorado NSM Chapters that had missed the meeting were on location for the March, along with a few more supporters. A number of people could not attend both days events due to work schedules/travel, etc. so there were a number of people that missed one event but attended the other.  Over 100 NSM members and our allies Marched onto the Arch grounds, and held a rally. We former up in 3 columns, with the women in the center column, and the march began. Our opposition was about equal in number to us, and they were the usual anarchist (unclean street urchin) types, along with their homosexual and communist allies. Upon seeing the large NSM force, no communists attempted to confront us directly with the exception of one negro thug whom attempted to approach our sound equipment guys who were setting up the PA system before the rally. According to news reports the Police tackled the negro agitator and hauled him off before the March even started.

After returning from the March/Rally, everyone was treated to a live RAC concert by an up and coming NSM band called Enforcer. Enforcer played plenty of old school RAC from Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, No Remorse, and the crowd went wild! It was said there was no room for a mosh pit, however after stepping out of the Hall for a break, I came back in to seeing people flying over chairs, so where there was no room for a Pit, the Comrades made one happen anyway (ha ha ha), a great night was had by all! After the band was done the NSM Prison Liason Office held a raffle in support of Political Prisoners and P.O.W.'s. The featured artwork donated was amazing. During the show it was also announced that at 2:00 AM that evening several Comrades would be leaving to assist NSM Chicago at the protest of the opening of a Holohoax Museum in the predominantly jewish suburb of Skokie.

Sunday: The Protest in Skokie, IL.

On Sunday approximately 20 NSM members assemble and unfurled our banner and flags in protest of the grand opening of a new Holohoax Museum in Skokie, IL. After the protest started several National Socialists from the INSF along with white rights activist Art Jones arrived to support the effort making this a United NS effort and increasing the size of the protest. All in all a highly motivated and successfull weekend.

Aside from the Midwest actions, NSM Oregon and NSM Arizona each distributed a couple thousand leaflets, and NSM California was actively patroling the border. I would like to thank and Salute everyone that attended any of these events, especially those who worked in preparation, planning, and coordination. I could write an additional ten pages if I named everyone who sacrificed and/or contributed to these efforts, so with that, you know who you are.

A few pictures are up now at www.nsm88.org Video footage, and more pictures coming soon, keep checking back.

National Socialist Movement on the frontlines in this Fight!
Commander Jeff Schoep


Protest Outside Skokie Holocaust Museum



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