N.S.M. National Meeting & Rally - Toledo, Ohio

- After Action Report -

April, 2015

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On Friday, April 17, 2015, members, supporters and friends of the National Socialist Movement converged on the city of Toledo, Ohio, for our 41st annual national meeting. Our banquet hall was located in a peaceful suburban neighborhood, where children were playing baseball in a field, across the street. A couple of passing motorists stopped to take  photographs and offer their support.

Comrades, from near and far, indulged in a fine meal and camaraderie. N.S.M. Commander Jeff Schoep kicked off the meeting, with a speech and rank promotions. New members were also patched in. Most of the speakers focused on the failure of the Democrat vs. Republican monopoly and the causes of our nation's economic failure and social demise. Rampant corruption on all levels of government have caused great harm to our once great nation. National Socialist economic strategy, fiscal responsibility and a dramatic shift in our foreign policy are key to rebuilding our country. After we concluded our business, the meeting was adjourned.

Following the meeting, some comrades prepared for Saturday's public rally in downtown Toledo, while others socialized at a local eatery. N.S.M. Media made preparations to live stream audio and video of the rally. For the first time, people could watch and listen to the rally, live and uncensored. We also learned of a police “exclusion zone” that encompassed several city blocks around the rally location. Businesses would be closed and parking restricted. All media were required to check in and obtain credentials.

By noon , our members, friends and supporters assembled for the motorcade to the rally venue, which was put on “lock down,” by the Toledo Police Department. In 2005, Communists, black agitators and anarchists rioted, looted and damaged property in Toledo. The biased media and local political officials unjustly  blamed the N.S.M. for their violent and unlawful actions. It's typical of the left to blame others for the actions and failures of their own. After entering a tight security gauntlet, we assembled at a designated staging area, while a police helicopter circled and SWAT snipers positioned themselves on nearby rooftops.

We proudly marched up to the front steps at “One Government Center” and observed approximately 150 counter protesters holding signs and Communist flags, as they spewed obscenities. One person, consumed with hatred, threw his cell phone, which landed harmlessly, on the steps, behind the formation of riot gear clad police officers. Commander Jeff Schoep was the first to speak and delivered one of his career's best. Topics focused on political corruption, failed policies, illegal immigration, crime and economics.

This wasn't the message of hate, racism and intolerance the crowd was expecting to hear and it became rather quiet, at times. People were actually listening to what we had to say. In the days before the rally, mainstream media, along with “community agitators,” did their best to create an atmosphere of fear and danger, in order to discourage people from attending the rally and hearing our message.

Arthur Jones, a longtime friend of the N.S.M. and military veteran, gave a very passionate “old school” National Socialist speech. Mr. Jones has been active in several groups over the last four decades, including the America First Committee, a group he said he founded "to combat the dual evils of Communism and Zionism."

At the conclusion of the rally, we formed a marching column and made our way to the parking structure, behind our venue. Almost immediately, anarchists and other miscreants, attempted to flank our column and cause disruptions. Tactical police units maneuvered around them and maintained order, as we departed the downtown area, without incident.

After our successful meeting and rally, the business of the day was complete and many of us visited a nearby establishment for food and fun. We looked back on the day's events and looked forward to the next gathering that will take place in November.

SS Capt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer



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