NSM Twin Cities YWCA Protest


On Oct. 3rd, 2009, 9:15 am, myself and members of the NSM south east unit approached the grounds of the YWCA to protest an anti-White workshop that was being held at the midtown YWCA located in South Minneapolis. This area is located in the center of a large Hispanic population as will as a large white liberal location. As we approached the grounds of the YWCA, we were met by 20-25 ARA, SHARP and communists eager to see us leave. They begin to walk towards us while saying, we were not having our protest and to leave immediately. None of us backed down as we got face to face with them; we looked them in the eye and showed no fear. Never surrender, never retreat. Pushing ensued and one communist even used his bike against us as a weapon and still the members or NSM Minnesota stood their ground. One nasty looking SHARP ended up with a bad headache and we broke a flag pole thanks to the courage shown by NSM Southeast unit leader, STFC. Sam Johnson, as they tried to take his signs and flag. As a group of 6 more showed up to help the antis the police came with their mace drawn, aiming at the nearest commie. Needless to say they backed down.

More cops showed up and told us to stand down and take hold of a sidewalk facing the YWCA. They blocked off the street and stood between us and the counter protesters. Chants started as most of us know the standard plays of the antis. We even jumped in their, "stop the hate" chant however we included segregate at the end which left them baffled. By this time media started to show up and even more communists arrived to display their message of hate towards Whites. At this time we were approached by the police officer in charge and told us he could only be here until 10:30 and for the safety of the antis and us he suggested we leave at the given time. As time drew near 10:30, he asked us if we wanted to ride in squad cars to our vehicle, I looked at my men and a general conscience was reached; we'll walk. He told us to follow him as we casually walked down the middle of the street being followed by all of the counter protesters as if they had something to do with us leaving. Tomatoes were thrown near us and yells of hate persisted from them.

As we left, many laughs were shared about these rag tag, sewer rats, that thought they were doing something good for the community. On our way back we stopped at a local outdoor outfitter and talked about future self-defense purchases. That night a delicious meal was made of German food as we discussed up coming events and the future of NSM Minnesota. This was followed by many calls from family and friends who had seen us on the news, as every major media outlet in the cities had covered it. Thank you for the men who had the courage to stand up for their race, STFC. Sam Johnson, STFC. Robert Hester and Viking Youth member Mike as well as NSM member Chad, who showed up late for the event but under threat of arrest decided not to test the police and cross the line. NSM members do not break the law! Thank you also to the people who showed up and were interested in the NSM, we did not have a chance to talk however we will be in contact for future events.

Overall the protest was yet another great victory in the name of the White race. We displayed courage, dignity as well as the willingness to face heavy opposition even though the numbers were not in our favor. Many more events are in the works for the metro area.

Cpl. Erik Flann
NSM Twin Cities unit leader


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