Event report

On Saturday, Nov. 15th NSM Tidewater hosted the Pro White Patriots event in Sandston, Va. We had a very nice space in a conference center at a major chain hotel and accommadations were first rate. Turn out for the day was good, with NSM members traveling from the far reaches of the State to be in attendence. We brought in quite a few non NSM members, including Lone Wolves, Klansmen, and concerned White citizens were all in attendance. Guest speakers for the event included NSM Presidential Candidate Brian Holland and Sgt. Culpepper of NSM Tidewater.

It was a very productive meeting, alliances have been formed with the Alexandria White Pride and I look forward to working with these groups in the future as we continue to spread the message of pro White Solidarity. All groups have agreed that better alliances must be formed in order for us to more effectively advance the Pro White adgenda and we have put this statement to the test since then with great success. We focused less on historical things and went straight into what strategies we will implement to solve the current problems facing our people in todays world. We discussed various methods of involving WP folk in local and state politics and looks like we will be successful in inserting NSM members here in several public offices. Plans were laid at this time for the Mid Atlantic leafletting event for Dec., with volunteers being given different regions of the State in which to cover. There was an open Q&A session and open discussion with questions put forth and general concensus taken on how to proceed on various issues.Brian Holland gave us all the benefit of his expieriences on the campaign trail and I would like to personally say thank you for you prescence at this event. He gave everyone there a much better insight on how to get our folk into office and we are most grateful for his advice. Refreshments were available courtesy of one of our lady supporters and were most appreciated. We have gained new supporters and membership as a result of this meeting so it can only be termed a complete success.

My thanks to the Alexandria White Pride, all NSM folk and the lone wolves that all contributed to making this event a success. Bigger and better things await us for the upcoming year and NSM in Virginia is on the move!

Sgt. Culpepper


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