NSM Women's Division and Springfield Unit meeting

After Action Report


In place of our regular bi-monthly meeting on Sat 1-18-09, the NSM Springfield Missouri Unit hosted an event consisting of several activities including a meeting featuring several keynote speakers from the NSM, as well as local and international press coverage.

Several NSM members and supporters from different Midwestern Units began arriving at Springfield Unit Head Quarters on Friday at around 4 pm, where they were greeted by a home cooked turkey dinner and much camaraderie. 

On Saturday around noon 30 NSM members and supporters adjourned to the West-Bypass/Sunshine area of Springfield to participate in an adopt-a-highway litter pick-up while being filmed by the media and overseen by the local sheriffs department.  During the litter pick-up there were several supporting and antagonistic passers by.  Most of the antagonism was the usual ignorant yelling encountered at any event, but there was one incident where an anti actually aimed his car at the women and children.   Although the local Sheriffs Department found several articles of dangerous contraband in the antagonist's vehicle, he was merely warned, ticketed, and released.

After the litter pick-up we went to the local bowling alley to allow the children some recreation time and give the media a chance to film our family interactions.  We bowled about 20 frames, played pool and video games, ate lunch, and generally enjoyed the hospitality extended to us by the proprietors of the establishment.

After bowling, we proceeded with a “practice run” for the scheduled literature drop which was also observed by the media.

At 6 pm we convened at the Library Station to begin set up for the meeting.  We were met by the usual assortment of protestors, including a homosexual jew and the local director of the NAACP.  The meeting opened at 6:30 to an audience of about 50 that included NSM members, supporters, media, and protestors.  Corporal Keene led the audience in a recitation of the “14 Words” and “The Pledge of Allegiance”.  She was followed by Private Brad Keene reading an excerpt from Robert Mathews “Call to Arms” speech.  The meeting featured keynote speeches given by Commander Jeff Schoep, Women's Division Director Ami Bostwick, Viking Youth Leader Christina Drake, Springfield Unit Leader Corporal Cynthia Keene, Sergeant Ray Ellison, Missouri State Leader Steven Boswell, and Private Tina Henley.  The speeches were followed by a short question and answer segment.  When the meeting was adjourned most of the protestors either left or voiced an agreement with the social and economic policies of the NSM.

Following the meeting we distributed 2000 anti-Israel flyers at various locations all over the city.  We all met back up at Springfield Unit Head Quarters for food, refreshments, and much camaraderie.

Sunday morning our comrades began packing up and heading for home and jobs.  We were sad to see them go despite knowing that we would see them at the next event.  Our small corner of this great city rang with many a “Sieg Heil!” as our comrades drove away.

I would like to thank all of those that came in to make this event a successful one.  I am not going to name all of the names but know that each and every one of you are special to my heart.  I love you all like family and I can't wait until we meet up again. Sieg Heil!



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