Official WI After Action Report From January 31st, 2009

- After action report -

Hail Comrades!

The kickoff to NSM Wisconsin's 2009 started with a bang as over a few dozen NSM members, racialists and Hales Corners residents joined us at our second town hall style meeting. The day started bright and early as Probate Matt from NSM Chicago and Cpl. Harriet from the host unit started flyering the area around the venue as a follow up to the unit flyer drop the night before. We stood outside of the local grocery store for about an hour encouraging citizens of Hales Corners to look into third party options at the polls this November as well as going to businesses to introduce ourselves and promote the forum.

As real patriotic citizens started to arrive, Cpl. Harriet made her rounds to make everyone feel welcome, while members from NSM WI's Green Bay and Southeast Units as well as NSM Chicago set up the room for our meeting. The most notable attendees were from a political science class whom came as an assignment from their teacher. Our meeting began a little after 2pm with an opening statement and candidacy for office announcement from Cpl. Harriet of the Southeast WI Unit of the NSM to be followed by the MC of the event Msgt. Borremans' State of the State address, former Presidential candidate Brian Holland, SS/Cpl. Duke from New York and the man of truth himself Herr Theo Junker of Wisconsin. A short question and answer segment followed the speakers where the crowd really showed us that people still do care about their communities. Questions about communism, homosexuality and other political stances were answered in a most respectable fashion and people were taking notes and nodding in agreement.

A special acknowledgement goes to the UWM/WISN reporter, while she failed to write an article about our last town hall forum in Oak Creek one year ago, came out again to show us she still cared. Maybe this time.

NSM WI is not all work and no play, so after we cleaned up, we headed out to a local restaurant and had some family time which included a very special baby shower for my newborn, premature twins, Paul Joseph Jr. and Aryan Ellen. Thanks to all those whom participated and made the day even more special for me. We truly are not only an organization, but a family. While many had to leave shortly after dinner, the Southeast Unit and Matt went and had some fun at a karaoke show a friend was running that night. Only Matt had the guts to sing a song while the rest of us spent time chatting!

So, overall a very successful political event for NSM WI to get our message of National Socialism out into mainstream America and encourage third party voting. When they see a National Socialist on November 2009 ballots here in Wisconsin, they have someone they can count on to restore America's moral fiber. Special thanks to all the members in attendance for helping make this event possible and the proud citizens of Hales Corners for looking past the stereotype and listening to what we had to say. Hail victory!

Cpl. Harriet-NSM WI Events Coordinator/Membership Director/Unit Contact

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