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The National Socialist Movement is honored to bring you the online edition of our printed NSM magazine. As part of our commitment to going Green and preserving nature, the NSM is now making our magazine available on-line in readable format. No paper or print edition is needed when the magazine can be read on-line, which in turn saves tree's, and produces less waste. Those who would like a paper version can print the magazine here in our easily down loadable PDF format.

NSM Party HQ will still continue to print small runs of the magazine for those who do not have Internet access, and those contributing Party members who request printed copies from Party HQ. Our commitment to a Greener Environment, and policies to make the World a better place for future Generations is not just empty rhetoric, it is practiced and at the forefront of today's National Socialist Movement. NSM Magazine has in the past been a members only publication, today we are making it available for everyone to enjoy as a token of our appreciation to all of the Party members, and supporters past and present. In particular, the NSM on-line magazine is dedicated to all of the soldiers & martyrs of the National Socialist cause, fallen but not forgotten...

Free will donations towards NSM Magazine and the work of the National Socialist Movement are greatly needed, and appreciated. Send to: NSM HQ P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 USA

Edited, Authored and Produced by Volunteer Members of the NSM

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